Fantasy & Sci-Fi

The Eternal Wilde

By Marcus Pan

The Eternal WildThe eternal Wilde,
Where men have gone,
And to those that died,
I sing this song.

Where off-road travel,
Is shunned yet tried,
From which I ravel,
This tale of mine.

With swords in hand,
I've seen them go,
Into the lands,
And still laid low.

Among the trees,
The bones abound,
With deathly screams,
Of those unfound.

Who can say,
How many fell,
Far away,
In lands of hell.

At first glance,
You will succumb,
To beautiful lands,
Beneath the sun.

But you will learn,
Quickly I'm sure,
Of the terrible hurt,
You will endure.

The land will feed,
Upon your soul,
As you will see,
The further you go.

So if the Wilde,
Has lured you in,
Don't be a child,
Fight to win.

Fight for your life,
There is no end,
Never-ending strife,
Good luck, my friend.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 1.