Rants & Essays

Neutral Watcher

By Marcus Pan

Neutral WatcherI am rarely seen and I am rarely heard. I sit silently in the darkness and I watch. I watch those claiming to be "good" fighting those who are supposedly "evil". Sometimes they take on names, such as "God" versus "Satan" or "Black" versus "White". I sit and watch them. I move rarely and only when I must.

I worship nothing. I do not lead nor do I follow. Following is for the weak and leading is for the gullible. I just watch. Sit...and watch.

I worship noone. Nothing celestial or god-like nor nothing claiming to be. I watch the essence of all worlds come together and I know of all things.

Sometimes, I will step out of the shadows for a time. Those who see and know me know my power, yet they do not know all. Some refuse to believe. So be it far from me to change their minds. 'Tis their choice to believe or not. I will not demonstrate for them. They are not worthy of glancing upon the sights I can conjure and I do not need to prove myself to anyone or anything.

And like a cat, I cautiously pad back into the shadows, molding into the darkness. I am one with the night.

I am neither white nor black, yet I am both. And as I sit I see these good and evil fools destroy themselves. And all for naught. And when the destruction is complete it will be only me. Sitting within the swirling convalescence of Chaos and I will laugh out loud, for I have prevailed over all. I am the Watcher, the one who sees and knows all. The one who will live and prevail. And when I am through laughing I will sit...and watch.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 1.