RPG Gaming

Facts About Regeneration

By Marcus Pan

This piece was originally written for "Melee Wounds," an AD&D game playing aid by Marcus Pan, and published by PKS. It is reprinted in Legends Magazine with permission from PKS.

Regeneration is many times a much-discussed ability in an AD&D or other fantasy environment. And often, it is abused. For example, a severed hand that has a Ring of Regeneration will not regenerate into another clone of the original character. The ring will try, but it will die out its own magic, by literally "straining" itself too much. A body that regenerates must have at least 75% of the original body, and the more the Ring of Regeneration is used, the better the chance of the magic within it being used up.

In regard to a Ring of Regeneration, a finger would take about a week to regenerate. An arm would take about two months, and a leg could take as much as four months.

Regeneration spells, including those on scrolls, or in Spell Storing Rings, are slightly weaker than a Ring of Regeneration. It regenerates overnight, or immediately, bit it ages the caster. A finger would take one spell, and would age the caster about six months. An arm, would take about three spells, and age the character [casting the spell] about two years. A hand would take two spells, and age the caster one year. A leg would take six spells, and age the caster about eight years. (Reading a regeneration spell off a scroll, or using it off a ring, does not cause aging, but placing it on the scroll or ring will do so in the first place. One spell, is equal to one charge, which is equal to one scroll.) A regeneration of a head, for example, would take a lot of spells, and I do not know if it is even possible in its entirety. If so, in any way, I would not be surprised if the person's brain waves, or mentality, is somewhat "changed" in some way or other. (In other words, the victims would end up like an undead creature for example.)

Godly constitution scores may give Regeneration, but it is nearly impossible for a character to achieve such scores, and therefore not to much gain to write about such regeneration. I will say it is a little weaker than a Ring of Regeneration, but stronger than spells.