Editor's Notes

By Marcus Pan

HeartWelcome once again to Legends. It seems we have only stories of fictional fantasy this issue. Not much for the game players, but plenty for the fantasy reader.

Debuting in this issue is a new series. This series "Mystic Warrior" debuts this issue with Chapter 1, "The Powers of Ryu." Written by Reggie, you will see as he replaces the pencil of an artist with the pen of a writer.

Returning this issue is the famed series, the "Albinor Chronicles," Chapter 6, "The Capture of Corellon," appears here.

Another note…the readers who awaited Mar-ee's second installment of "Arganatheon" can dash their hopes apart, for she has forsaken her responsibilities to her awaiting readers. So, put simply, she can chew me.

Enjoy this issue…


Marcus Pan - Editor