Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Mystic Warrior Chapter 1
"The Beginning"

By Reggie

October 4, 002

Mystic WarriorIt is a place where the DARKSIDE rules and there seems to be no hope for salvation. The LIGHTSIDE have been holding their ground, but defeat is near and just too few humans. The DARKSIDE has Lord Daimyo as the ruler, and has been reigning for a decade now. Diamyo is the ruler of the demons and plans to make the human race extinct.

The prophecies have said there would be a fighter, one who is a skilled fighter, that uses mind over matter as his weapon. The LIGHTSIDE alliance have been waiting for such a person, because they are in desperate need for a victor.

The demons have made a portal to enter into the LIGHTSIDE and try to overcome the humans. The battle is long but the alliance do not know how long then can hang on until…

Mystic Warrior 2In a dimension like our own there stands one human. His name is Ryu. He has mastered all the martial arts and his mind and body is one. He somehow feels that he has a destiny in his lifetime but doesn't yet know. As he sits and meditates with his sensei. His sensei has a vision, he has seen the dark dimension and the battle that has been occurring for years has suddenly been telepathically read. Ryu also sees this vision. A force unknown to them has appeared in the dojo. Ryu springs from the ground to defend his sensei, but the spirit comes in peace. The spirit speaks, "I am an entity from the LIGHTSIDE, I am formed from the wishes and hopes of people in desperate need for help. I have searched all dimensions for a person such as you. We need your help please. If you decide to help our dimension, take this potion and pour it into a tub of water and submerge yourself into it and you will be in our dimension." Then in a blink of an eye the entity disappeared. Ryu and his sensei discussed if he should go and they both felt it was Ryu's destiny. Ryu prepared all his equipment for his journey. His sensei wished him good skills and gave him an ancient robe that had been in the family for years and said, "May the ancient spirits guide you in your quest for peace." They prepared the water and potion for an unsuspected surprise. The potion has a different effect in his dimension. The potion was altering his clothes and weapons and out of shock Ryu swallowed some of the water and began feeling strange. He watched his sensei disappear as he seemed to fade out more and more.

Mystic Warrior 3Ryu awoke to find himself in a different world, a different dimension. IN amazement he noticed horses could fly and even different animals that he has never laid his eyes on. The dimension was beautiful and couldn't seem like it had a war going on here. He looked for his equipment and saw it about 20 feet away. He knew he watned to get it and proceeded to, but by swallowing that potion he had gained mystic powers. His equipment levitated towards him; in shock he was amazed but not surprised because he had seen this before. A kind of DEJAVU of his destiny. Ryu also noticed his uniform tightly hugged around his body but didn't feel as such. He knew he had obtained great powers but didn't know of his capabilities yet. Ryu sensed that he must go west, he feels there he will find the alliance.

Mystic Warrior 4