By Marcus Pan

Well folks. Looks to be about it this month. What am I saying?! Sixty-seven pages is damn enough. I'm looking down the barrel of hell week for crissake…

First let's get a few things straight. Yes, Legends #99's hardcopy promo edition was late. This was due to some financial stresses I was currently under. No this is not a "sign of things to come" as some say - I was buying a house and therefore froze my assets so that everything would go through all nicey nice 'n stuff. Things went through. Financial stress over. Besides, y'all got full color (promo copies, anyway) so quite your yapping.

Second, I plan to do this issue in promo-color as well for those on my list that get promotional copies of this here issue. How long it will take me to put together I know not, but I do NOT expect it to be later than it was this month. Oh no, not at all.

Thirdly, I'm looking at two all nighters, a Kiss concert, and the week culminating in moving into the new house. That is hell week. While the current BORDENTOWN address will continue to function for Legends Magazine you can immediately resort to the new office address now if you wish - phase out the old in about a month or two, because it'll stop working by then. Here it is:

Legends Magazine
158 Main Street
South River, NJ

Ok on to other stuff. If you see me online late in the morning (EST) and round the clock this week, chances are I'm probably there. So if the ICQ/AIM ports are open, then I'm available. Don't be shy to drop a line. Here are those:

ICQ: 379381
AIM: Marcus Pan

Ok, next month you'll see Grandal's continuing Eater series, my own Albinor Chronicles returns and Brian Willmott kicks off his four-part sci-fi series Zone Three. You'll see interviews with Australia's industrial outfit Eye as well as band Beyond Hope. Reviews of Clan Of Xymox, Torsion, Garden of Dreams, Angelwhore and more. In the book review column I tackle Kathy Acker's Literal Madness. So I'll see you next month in a shorter and less hell-week-creative issue!

Peace, Love and All The Trimmings (But NOT the Fat!)

Marcus Pan
June 26, 2000
(Ah. Darkness. Better now.)