Music Interview

Michael Aston

by Marcus Pan

Michael AstonIn recent interviews, Michael, you've expressed your love for your solo CD, Why Me, Why This, Why Now. What is it about this project that pleased you so much?

The album restored my confidence. I think I succeeded in melding the lyrical and the vocal. The whole project was a joy to participate in. Triple X gave me the liberty to truly engage myself in an utterly nurturing environment. The players, particularly my co-writer Mick Rossi and co-producer Geza X, were so supportive and believed. I for the first time had absolute control over every aspect of the project. It was such a wonderful fulfilling experience. I felt validated as an artist and believe that work will stand up for the rest of time. It's (excuse the modesty) an extraordinary record. A confessional. exorcism, sensual and a tribute to all involved. Also the record was completed in a short period and the final mix coincided with the birth of my son in Los Angeles. Magical time.