Editor’s Notes

Well, folks, we've come pretty far. I never thought I'd reach the 3-digit numbers with this little rag, but here I am almost 10 years after throwing Legends #1 out into the street bringing you issue #100. The website bears its own domain name and boasts some amazing hit rates for an indie zine, bringing readers in by the tens of thousands every week. Even my own Pan Pages site has become a side project of Legends Online - it's amazing to think about all this. Really it is. You can still pull up every issue I and others have done at the archives of the web site - one hundred issues catalogued and available for music enthusiasts, fans, sci-fi readers, fantasy lovers and more. Flippin' amazing. Wow.

This month's issue is, as expected, pretty special. I've loaded it up and am expecting to break 50 pages easily - probably more to pick up a size record in our history. Anyway, we have interviews with This Ascension, Bella Morte and Beyond Salem. We have the continuing Eater series from the mind of Reinaldo E. Grandal. We have some humor from Stephanie Goldman and the reviews - the listing of reviews this month are long. Here's a partial idea: Eye Kandy, The Cruxshadows, Bunker Soldier, Exceed 6 Doses, MDFMK, SpaceScape, Sleepless - and the list goes on. In the books area I take a look at The Disciples of Cthulhu and in a few months will debut our own Cthulhu Mythos original fiction - The Final Pronunciation. There's plenty to read this month. Or to wipe your ass with - whatever you prefer. I'm not picky. But watch the staples - rectal staple punctures are not grounds for negligence suits.

Peace, love and all the trimmings!

Marcus Pan
June 25, 2000
(What? Daytime? Am I feeling ok?)