INTERVIEW: Beyond Hope

By Jett Black

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Describe some of the creative techniques used to achieve specific aspects of Beyond Hope recordings.

Band members locked me (Delainey) in a coffin with 3 packs of Ephidrine, a urine bottle, a box of Captain Crunch with Berries (no milk) and a 6 pack of blue ribbon.

Describe some of the processes involved in composing and evolving soundscapes.

We have a thing called "Weird Wednesday" where we drive through "stop 6" with a microphone and our sampler to start the inspiration process.

What images illustrate your visions of a "New Dark Age"?

Bio-mechanical women and wearable computers.

How does the environmental and social stimuli of the Dallas - Fort Worth metropolitan area influence the development of Beyond Hope compositions?

The city is great - lots of buildings. Socially it seems to be a popularity contest and we seem to get a lot of fuel from people who think they are better than everyone else.

What changes in the music industry have caught your attention most during the '90s?

The return of Boy Bands and Bubble Gum Pop. The Brittany Spears Porn site.

When not completely focused upon Beyond Hope, what do you do to support yourself?

Beyond Hope owns and operates a recording studio/practice space in Grapevine, Texas called Cafi Cybre Studios. And of course panhandling.

In what ways will Beyond Hope's live performances differ from it's recordings?

Even though we keep a somewhat sane image in the studio, we go completely psychotic on stage. We don't see, we don't feel, so we pretty much could do anything live. (Could be the Yellow Jackets & Zima.) We go all out for our live performances. We only remember when we see the video.

Who are current members of Beyond Hope, and what roles does each perform?

Delainey - vocals, keys, programming.
Virus - elevated keys, performance art, management
Icon - drums, keys, sound live, effects
Glitch - guitar, keys, attitude

Please describe the themes employed in recordings by Beyond Hope.

Fear, suffering, breakdowns, and the reconstruction of our lives.

How do you relate with the music created for Beyond Hope?

All the music is inspired by our life experiences and conveyed in a way that our audience can relate. Anyone listening to our music knows that they are not alone. It all comes down to experiences, emotions and circumstances.

What would you like to accomplish through Beyond Hope into the dawning of the new millennium?

We would like to perform more often, cut a new album and see confined progress.

What other recordings, outside of Beyond Hope, have been released by its band members?

We are currently working with Johnny of Pigface, Apocolypse Theatre and Das Ich on re-mixes. Delainey has worked with Apparatus and Virus has worked with The Project. (Before Beyond Hope.)

What other side projects are currently being developed?

Latex Factory and Lead Nuts.

What will you entitle the next release by Beyond Hope, and when will it be available?

Pain Compound in May.

Who will be distributing your next releases?

Caroline - Dance Macabre.

Where else might readers find releases by Beyond Hope available for purchase?

Local CD Stores, and at our web-site -

What are you looking for now in terms of new musical influences?

Future-school music.

Which shows have you seen during the past year that impressed you the most?

Das Ich, Garbage, and In Strict Confidence.

What motivates you to continue performing and recording music as Beyond Hope now?

Everyday shit happens and also miracles, so we constantly have themes, experiences, and topics to compose on.

Looking back, what mile-stones have been most notable for Beyond Hope?

Playing shows with Das Ich, Apocalypse Theatre ISC and Mentallo & The Fixer.

Let's say it happens, you 'make it "BIG" and retain complete control of your own music even, what then?

No more panhandling.

When touring and dealing with a million-and-one decisions, how do you manage to work so well together without the instruments in hand?

We are good friend outside of the band.

What particular interests might you explore along the route of this next tour, if opportunity permits?

Drugs, Hookers.

What new opportunities would you seek and develop to advance the music of Beyond Hope?

Sponsorship by KORG.

Any re-mixes from previous releases?

Re-mixed and Re-wired - released in 1999.

What changes have been made in Beyond Hope during the last year?

Gained 2 band members and lost one. We went on our first US tour. We played with several national acts. Built our own studio. Too many events to list.

What songs have been in development since last year?

We have written over 50 songs in the last year. That's way too damn many to list here.

Where will you be traveling during the course of your next tour?

Europe this summer.

What gear are you using to develop music for Beyond Hope?

2 JX305s, Effects processor, kurzwiel K2500, XP50, Sampler, Butt Mic, Alesis QS6, Electrotribe, KAT Drum kit, Fender Stratocaster, Ibanez RG7620, etc.

Which songs required more significant development in production?

Life of Pain, Without Life, Never Be and Caged.

What are you looking for in terms of musical styles and influences now?

Anything with a new sound.

Besides performing live from one gig and tour to the next, what other forms of media will Beyond Hope explore in the future? And, if applicable, have you already begun to explore beyond the routines of 'record & perform'?

DVD, Internet Video, MP3s, Virtual Environments, holographs.

What new goals will you focus upon now?

MTV and major radio play.

What more would you like to share with our readers?

How can music enthusiasts best contact Beyond Hope for more information? or at our studio line 817-300-HOPE.

What other resources might be available for avid readers?

Das Ich tour journal at
Apocalypse Theatre's Road Diary at
Dallas music online at
Cafi Cybre Studios at

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