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Welcome back, kiddies. Last issue topping out at 67 pages nearly killed me, so we're going to cut back a bit or risk me going pretty much insane. We still have a lot of good stuff this issue. I pin down the elusive J. Citizen of Australia's Blatant Propaganda zine and the guy behind the techno-electro government-slapping act known simply as: EYE. Jett also kicks in an interview with Beyond Hope as well.

In FactionTo join both myself and the Mean Little Man (who this month takes a look at Ennui) in the departments and columns area is Rev. Daryl Litts of In_Faction Magazine (http://infaction.8m.com/). Daryl will be giving us another look at some of the new music out in his new column The Sermon of Judgment, slated to become a monthly feature. This month, in his debut, the good Reverend spits out more than ten pages of quick reviews - some of which are featured as full-length reviews in this, previous and upcoming issues of Legends. But Daryl is going to give us the dirt on the brand spanking new stuff - a first look to give all of us a fast reading guide to the musical terrain of the day. Then if something interests ya in The Sermon of Judgment, find the full length review at Legends Online for more to decide if it's something you might want to pick up.

On the fiction front, we have the continuing saga of Eater as Reinaldo E. Grandal brings us the sixth part in this series. Also my own Albinor Chronicles appears after somewhat of an absence. RPM's latest chilling tale is Fertile Ground and Sue Simpson begins her domino suite of dark fiction with The Half Empty Glass. In addition, Brian Willmott debuts his sci-fi serial Zone Three. I delve into my bookshelf as usual also.

So there's plenty here. So sit back, enjoy and see what's new in music, drop back in time to pre-civilized Russia, jump ahead to a post-apocalyptic future or visit the newest goth club in the UK for a taste of snakebite and black.

Peace, love and all the trimmings…

Marcus Pan
July 29, 2000
(I shouldn't be starting this late…[sigh])

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