REVIEW: Killing Miranda - "Teenage Vampire"

By Rat Bastard

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Teenage VampireKilling Miranda is exactly the sort of band that the current gothic scene needs more of, and, unfortunately, is sorely lacking; a gust of fresh air in the form of punk attitude with tongue playfully probing the cavernous depths of cheek. Then again, perhaps this isn't really fresh air at all, but, rather, the air of a time seemingly long gone, when goth bands didn't always take themselves so damn seriously, before the stench of whiny synthpoop had infested the scene's dancefloors and stages.

Garbed in b-grade horror flick packaging, Teenage Vampire is the new single from this UK based band. The title track presents a driving beat, oh-so-spooky keyboards, some chunky and aggressive guitar riffing, and vocals that seem to show more of a Gavin Friday (Virgin Prunes) influence rather than the more traditional (and tired) Andrew Eldritch/Peter Murphy sound appropriated by loads of other bands (who shall remain nameless in this article).

The b-side is Angelfly, which is in a similar vein, but features a bit more aggression, and more metallic guitar riffing. It's a nice solid track, but I think that it pales in comparison to Teenage Vampire, which is three minutes and seven seconds of pure fun, as far as I'm concerned. It does make for a fitting interlude between the title track and the radio edit of the title track (which is two minutes and fifty-four seconds of slightly censored fun).

In conclusion, Killing Miranda is full of attitude and, most importantly, fun. After all, if the packaging and name of the single doesn't clue you in to this fact, then the title track's opening lines, "I was a teenage vampire. I was James Dean in a velvet gown." should be ample proof that this is a FUN song, not meant to be taken seriously. Of course, there will always be those with no sense of humor or zest for life (and don't try to tell me that zest for life isn't goth; if we were dead, then we wouldn't be able to go to clubs, listen to music, see bands, or collect keen wardrobes). They can go sulk in the corner to Wolfsheim.

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