REVIEW: Rozz Williams - "Live in Berlin"

By Dan Century

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Live In BerlinWhile most people know Rozz as the front man of the Goth band Christian Death or the Industrial Premature Ejaculation, few are familiar with his last band Daucus Karota. This was the mid-90's and Rozz, always looking for a new direction, chose a trash rock sound very reminiscent of the New York Dolls and the Spiders From Mars: unrefined, dissonant, drug addled, sexual, minimalist, yet refined with a conscious air of drama and theatre. Live in Berlin, released this year, but recorded in October of 1993, is just that: Rozz and the band recorded live during his Daucus phase. I imagine this wasn't originally intended for commercial release, as the sound is very raw like a bootleg taken straight from the soundboard. Despite the rough edges, Live In Berlin, is an excellent memento for fan's of Rozz's Daucus Karota phase.

As trash rock goes Live In Berlin is sub par. Daucus Karota grinds out some seriously solid power chords and acid-rock solos, with plenty of wah-wah and tons of reverb - inviting comparison to Blue Cheer, the Rollins Band, the Toilet Boys and of course Bowie and the Dolls. Unfortunately the mix is unbalanced, focusing on the guitar and bass and losing some of the vocals and drums. Despite his similarity to Bowie's tone and drama, and his unquestionable passion and commitment, Rozz's affected vocals just don't fit with the heavy rock music. Budding Rozz fans should overlook this album and head straight for the Christian Death catalog. Rozz fanatics have no choice but to pick this up. Novices: save your money or spend it on liquor and nail polish.

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