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Oh the irony. Since 100 I've been trying to cut back on issue sizes. Then I break 45 or so, and just throw cares to the wind. Hey, we've cut back a whopping two pages from last issue - maybe font size is the key? One thing's for sure - Andrew and Ken at the office will be finding this pretty amusing.

Anyway, I'm rather pleased with this issue. Next month I have a pile of stuff for the fiction lovers. Not only do we bring Reinaldo E. Grandal's Eater series to an end, we also have the third chapter of Zone Three by Brian Willmott. Add to that even more from R. Patrick Murtha, Sue Simpson, the return of my own Albinor Chronicles and Songs of Albinor, cover art and fantasy illustrations by Lee Alverson and the next in the coin series from timly grae - Loose Change. Also expected to return are Mean Little Man and the good Rev. Daryl Litts, who should at this time be working in their respective labs and dungeons fashioning another rant and more quick-look CD reviews respectively.

In the Off The Shelf arena we look at Electric Forest by Tanith Lee and the latest from Don Passman - The Visionary. You'll see interviews with Pseudocipher (and a full review of their demo by JohnnyB) and Son Of Rust as Jett Black keeps his flow going. You can expect full length CD reviews of work by Pure Drama, The Mirror Reveals, Razed In Black, Pitchshifter, Jennifer Hope and yet more. And next month, with the amount of stuff I've piled in it (oh what the hell, I figured), I'll be expecting it to be about the same size.

In other news, the future of Legends Magazine is looking bright (dark?) indeed. Thanks to Macross I'll be putting into the production line some new diddies that should really juice up the layout, look and feel of future issues. I'm hoping that by issue 105 you'll be seeing such changes as columned layout, background imaging, redesigned masthead, sectionized areas for easier reading and more. Also Wilde has stepped up and slashed my review stack in half so I can concentrate on these things, figuring out my new diddies and just skanking on into the wild black yonder. So keep your eyes peeled kiddies - there's a lot to come. To quote Mr. Grandal, "It's time to make it real."

Peace, love and all the trimmings (but NOT the FAT!)…

Marcus Pan
August 26, 2000
(Ah. Night.)

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