REVIEW: Midnight Syndicate - "Born of the Night"

By Mike Ventarola

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Born of the NightSince it is highly impractical for all of us to dwell within our own haunted castle, Midnight Syndicate has assisted with bringing that foreboding atmosphere into our homes with this exquisite body of dark orchestration. They have coined the term "cinefusion" to express their sound as "music for a movie of that has never been made," which unfolds within the listener's mind.

The initial purpose for this recording was to provide Halloween revelers with background music for some successful spooky gatherings. For the Goth world, it is Halloween 24/7, so naturally many have found this CD a most pleasant excursion into the dark world of sound and imagination. There are 21 relatively short tracks that encompasses 47:53 minutes of preternatural delight.

Midnight Syndicate is set apart from many who have attempted dark orchestration by providing just the right blend of romantic intrigue, scary moments, elements of dread and a touch of tension. Every detail was attended to from the Vargo graphics on the cover to the timing of each track to disperse an exact emotional impact.

In times past, other Halloween style CD's have been made by others that were rather cheesy and abysmal. Midnight Syndicate, however, is the leader of high quality spookiness, and all other imitators should take a page from their book on how to come up with a great concept that successfully grabs the listener's attention by the throat. Anyone who has not heard this work as of yet is missing out on what it deemed among the BEST in dark orchestration thus far. If it is possible to wear out a CD, then this reviewer confesses that out of the thousands of CD's in my collection, this particular one will be the first to require a second copy from repeated use.

Midnight SyndicateDouglas, Goszka and Vargo episodically lend their voices to a particular track to furnish a haunted sensibility by emitting a dark, spoken commentary or malevolent chuckle. The deep soto voce style is macabre and works well within the confines of the music. Each song delivers a different element such as bell tower chimes, rushes of storm winds, broken glass, heartbeats, ghostly baby cries, and haunted organs. It is impossible not to see a stone edifice in the mind's eye, enshrouded with eerie cobwebs and candelabras that precariously shine a minimum of light on an ancient tapestry. One would almost anticipate a night specter to creep up from behind us.

Few CD's have managed to capture the imagination with the depth that Midnight Syndicate has. Their word of mouth success has led to a distribution through Hot Topic shops, so if you cannot obtain a copy online, get to the mall as soon as you can! No Halloween gathering or gothic collection is complete until you own the work of Midnight Syndicate.

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