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Chain Border

Well this time I'm only slightly behind schedule. But every month I move a bit further back to more of a set thang, so I'm hoping by, say, 103 or 104 I'll be fully on the ball. Some things just need to take precedence over non profit pursuits, doncha know. I am seriously - and I'm not kidding really - going to keep this issue as short as I can without losing anything for you. I'm hoping under 40 pages. 40 pages of decent stuff, but 40 pages nonetheless. I already have the issue laid out and everything scheduled, so I really can't say if I'm going to make good on that promise to myself or not, but there's one way to find out.

This month the good Rev. Daryl is out and about doing some interviews for us. So he doesn't appear with his new Sermon of Judgment column this issue, but he promises he will be back. I had some contact with him this past week from the In_Faction dungeon, and he spoke thusly: "Due to interviews of Spahn Ranch, Mentallo, Fektion Fekler, SMP, Foetus, and Coil, I couldn't make it for this issue but I'm guaranteed to be back." So there you have it - we're hard at work bringing you some great interviews from the best in our scene. In an effort to do this, the occasional column will poof into the breeze - to make way for the big winds later.

However this month we do have a bunch of interviews with the likes of Call Me Alice, Ray Woods (Rainforest Records), Fear of Dolls. On the fiction front Willmott's Zone Three runs its second part this month and Grandal's Eater runs its seventh - next month we close Eater with a spectacular ending! In the review department we've been ass-kicking busy and this month give you in-depth looks at the latest from Noxious Emotion, Apocrypho, ThouShaltNot, Esion, Clan Of Xymox and more. Also this month we have the 32nd chapter of my own Albinor Chronicles, a fantasy series back after nearly a half year absence.

So dive in. A bit shorter so it seems it will be this month doesn't mean you'll enjoy it any less. I hope.

See you on the back page!

Marcus Pan
August 26, 2000
(My pasty white gothic ass is braving the sun to bring you this…)

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