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Now I'm not a huge fan of the term Redneck. It denotes an ignorant, lazy, inbred, white person.

It can be said that it is the only racial stereotype that is not only condoned, but rewarded.

But don't think for a second that I have a compassionate bone in my body for the Redneck. What is the Redneck? There are a lot of things associated with the Redneck: NASCAR, drunken brawls, homophobia, fag/punk/goth bashing, date rape, racism, pickup trucks, hound dogs, trailers, wallets on chains, cars with primer hoods/doors, John Rocker, poverty and the Dallas Cowboys.

Now, that's quite a lot for a definition.

I have a different definition for a Redneck. A Redneck to Me is a person who will extol with rabid jingoism the defense of a system that fucks them in the ass.

With a Brick.


Rednecks are usually as poor as your average punk. The cops will give them as little slack as they would a black man or a goth, except in Alabama or eastern Lee-siana where mansion=double-wide. Taxes, laws, all those little rules of the land that can come down like subtle pressure do so equally between Rednecks and other rebellious anti-social types.

But what is the Redneck reasoning for it? That all us 'yankees' or 'godless heathens' or 'minorities' are the reason that they're getting butt-surfed on a regular basis.

Listening to a Redneck chant "USA, USA" is akin to Ned Beatty doing "This Little Piggy" while squatting on the butt-cheeks of love in Deliverance.

I hate it because they buy the program that I try to rebel against. I believe that one of the main ways that the system perpetuates itself is by dividing those not in the upper echelon. Creating dissention between the tribes as it were. Making poor blacks distrust poor whites, Rednecks distrust punks, the educated whites distrustful of ignorant whites.

Its ridiculous. But they don't listen. They don't realize that it's not yankees or any of us 'freaks' that cause their dismay.

Here's a couple notes I'd like to give to comfort my cuddly little Redneck readers:

I hope that will help everyone sleep better tonight.

I do have a little question for those in the system that can help perpetuate the ignorance or end it.

What's going to happen when these people wake up and realize they've actually been getting screwed, royally, by those they supported? They're going to come after you.

And don't think, "Hey, they was asking fer a skrewing." will be a viable defense.

Oh, and BTW...Mr. and Mrs. Redneck? Be kind to punks, freaks, liberals and fags, because they have more in common with you than any evangelist, politician, or militia member.

Hugs and Smooches!,
The Mean Little Man on 6-20-2000.

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