REVIEW: Museum - "Lost"

By Sean Hexed

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MusemOkay... this is a CD that struck me the second that it started playing. Well, that's not entirely true. But as soon as the second track (the first actual song) kicked in, I was hooked. Their sound has a definite "Newer Bowie" flavor to it, but is complex and varied enough to shrug off any accusations of trying to mimic it. They skillfully synergize a seemingly impossible array of styles: deeply layered electronics and samples; guitars that are aggressive rock-industrial at times and haunting at others; percussion that spans the spectrum from mellow jazz-ish to frenzied breakbeat. They even give us a taste of that good old fashioned funk bass guitar that makes your nipples stand at attention from time to time.

The main beauty of this album lies in Museum's ability to take a massive variety of styles and bring them together into a collage far richer than the sum of its parts. The final product is a stunning collection of songs that flow from one to the next taking the listener through many emotional states and energy levels. While it is steeped in a certain darkness, it is also infused with life. It's one of those CDs that you suddenly realized you've been quietly singing along with and can't be sure how long you've been doing it.

LostIn a time where it seems that new music is either a clone or a cliché, Museum has offered us something of a fresh breath. Passing Time, the second track, is…erm. Cut Inside is another….hm. As I write this, I keep trying to pick out a song that's a particular gem to mention, but then the next one comes on and I become enamored with that one. Each for its own reasons.

There isn't a song on this disc that even rates as low as to be called "average." They're all simply brilliant and I can't stop listening to this album. And just as hard to nail down is who this music will appeal to. Although nothing similar musically, the only reference I can make is to mention Curve, another great genre-bending band that appeals to way more than just one classification of fan. I can only say that if you enjoy varied and complex music with energy and a darker aspect to it, that's also catchy as hell…you will definitely be moved by Museum's Lost.

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