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Well that'll do it for this month kids. Next month we're going to take you deep into the music again with interviews with two frontrunners of the industrial and EBM genres - Gary Dassing (Mentallo & The Fixer / Shimri) and the guys of SMP, the former of which just released the latest Mentallo CD, Love Is the Law, and is currently working on his new project Shimri with the upcoming release of Lilies of the Field. The latter just released their third CD to date, boasts the return of the original third member of the troupe and was picked up by Seattle label greats ADSR Music Werks. Terminal is the hardest hitting and most powerful SMP release to date.

We'll also have the conclusion of Willmott's Zone Three next month as well as another ghost story from R. Patrick Murtha. Most of the review gang is here and you'll see in-depths reviews on Needulhed, Meg Lee Chin, Diary of Dreams, SMP, Contagion, Holger Czukay, Tinfoil Gargoyles and more. There'll also be reviews of Asprin's Phule's Company and Lee's Tales From the Flat Earth in the Off The Shelf column. The Mean Little Man replies to some recent e-mails to him and Dan and I have little somethings of whatever stuck between the reviews.

So that'll be about it. I'll see you all next month in what looks like it's going to be a shorter issue of Legends Magazine - but with some of our best interviews to date I think.


Peace, love and all the trimmings (but NOT the FAT!)…

Marcus Pan
September 24, 2000

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