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Alverson Fantasy Art StudiosHello everyone. We're at it again this month, and to please the fiction and fantasy/sci-fi readers I'm bringing a lot of the same into this month's issue. But first let's consider the cover this month - which I quite enjoy. Lee Alverson of Alverson Fantasy Art Studio made this one up for us special - and also the artwork that accompanies my Albinor Chronicles and Songs of Albinor episodes this month are his as well, originally worked up for the Serpent's Inn, but not used due to space and layout constraints at the time. So they were used on some of my campaign work for Albinor, where the stories are actually created. This is the first time they make their public appearance. Check out The Serpent's Inn at www.legendsmagazine.net/pan/serpent and stop by Alverson Fantasy Art Studios as well at http://www.n-link.com/~lalverson/.

EaterAlso this month you can check out the final chapter of Grandal's Eater. He's also hard at work outlining and drafting the next exclusive serial you'll soon see in Legends Magazine - but he'll probably take a much-needed month or two off prior to submitting it. Everyone needs a break. Sue Simpson's latest tale from the club that debuted in August's story of hers, The Half Empty Glass, takes us on a journey that brings us the moral of, "Be careful what you wish for.": Pact of Joy. timly's Loose Change is another tale of the mysterious coin we saw in Coin in Legends #100. Willmott's Zone Three continues with its third chapter this month and Murtha's Stormy Shelter offers us another campfire ghost story. And our own Mean Little Man gets his political dander up.

Son Of RustOn the music side, we have interviews with Pseudocipher and Son Of Rust this month from Jett and reviews of work by Jennifer Hope, Pseudocipher, The Mirror Reveals, Pure Drama and more. I doubled my Off The Shelf column this month and we take a close look at the latest from Don Passman: The Visionary. And also a look at Tanith Lee's Electric Forest science fiction/mystery novella as well. We have a special author interview with none other than the underground's Clint Catalyst coming up in the near future as well as a review of his new Manic D. Press book release, Cottonmouth Kisses.

So we'll let you roll into the issue from there as I feel that's enough foreshadowing for one column…

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Marcus Pan
September 23, 2000
(A rainy day means I can work on Legends - and not the house…)

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