The Mean Little Column - "George W. Bush"

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Mean Little ManOk, I know I can't get away from this guy. I promise this'll be the only rant about the little snort-monkey. Until the next one anyway. Why don't I like George W. Bush Jr? I got plenty of reason, some based on the facts and others 'cause of the way the little weasel rubs me.

Lets get superficial first.

He's Dumb! As dumb as a box of rocks! As bright as evening, smart as a bag o' hammers!

He is shifty-eyed and weasly! That goddamn smirk has to go! He looks like the John Wayne Gasey rolling up to the hooker du jour with a stiffy and a butcher knife!

Back to the proven fact that he's dumb. You do not, under any circumstance call a NY Times reporter an asshole unless you are in a room that is 30 feet underground and has been swept for remnants of cold war Russian bugs. George? He is smarter than you and he reaches more people than you do. He'll burn you. He's been in the public eye longer than you and he will make more of a fool of you than you can do yourself , which is a hard feat.

That guy's just a NY Times reporter. What happens when he gets verklemft at the leader of Paraguay because Manuel didn't have wiener dogs at the Presidential Barbecue?

He was an owner of a baseball team. Ever seen the business state of baseball lately? I wouldn't trust these morons to water my plants when I was away let alone have nuclear fucking weapons and my tax dollars. Plus his team lost. A lot. Usually when it really mattered too.

He ducks debates like a chump ducking a champ. Which is exactly what it is.

He is for developing a missile defense shield. Wanna know what that's gonna do? The Russians will go back to making bombs to even things out. If they can only hit us with 10% of the bombs they launch they will need to have 10 times as many as they currently do to even the score. And they will do it. You would want 10 times the bombs if the Russians could block our shots.

His economic plans will bankrupt the country my friends. They were conceived and endorsed by a moron. Would you trust him to do your taxes in April? Cause come May that money is his to play with. You worked for your money. He doesn't have to and never had to.

He is also in bed with the right wing people who want a hawkish military. He was kind enough to declare Jesus Day in the state of Texas. I kinda like the right to choose whether or not I even have a Jesus Day and then when I'm going to have it. Religious freedom, my friends...out the window.

Here's the scariest thang 'bout this evil little Satan Spawn. There is the possibility that the next president may have the opportunity to nominate as many as 5 Supreme Court Justices. Supreme Court Justices serve till they retire or die. They cannot be fired.

Now G.W. Bush has never been on the outside. He might not have been the most popular person at his elite private school, but I doubt he ever lived in a place that would even stoop to have someone like me or you even wash the dishes. He went to school and lived in houses with fences to keep you and me out. Out of site, out of mind.

He must not be allowed to make decisions for us. Because they will not benefit us as he has never benefited anyone but his inner circle, behind large fences.

Hugs and Smooches!,
The Mean Little Man on 9-7-2000.

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