The Albinor Chronicles - Chapter 33

"Minrothad Strikes Back"

By Marcus Pan

Chain Border

June 26, 009

Minrothad Strikes Back'Twas the end of June and a new name and face was to show itself to Albinor. His name is Myrmidon Roderick Graves. His title is Captain of Minrothad. He is a master of strategic planning and warfare and he will show this to the likes of Ierendi. It was nearly four and a half years after the Battle of Fort Death and, for the first time, Minrothad did not retaliate against an offending foe. As the years passed, King Zeckar Ierendi's fear slowly crept lower. Minrothad hath done nothing to force him to pay for what he had attempted.

Patiently, Karl Guildmaster, king of Minrothad, waited as thoughts of his retaliation slowly crept from Ierendi's mind. And then, finally, he began his act. Myrmidon Roderick Graves would lead one hundred fully clad men on horseback in a single vessel. And this vessel would claim blood as payment for Zeckar's sins.

On June 26, the vessel of Minrothad touched shore on the southern tip of one of Ierendi's isles. The people routed against them, hundreds strong, and what followed was a battle in which not a single knight of Graves' ranks fell to the mob. And, in the short time the battle lasted, the spirits of the people broke and they gave in to the knights. That's when they did something unusual.

After breaking their spirits, the knights of Minrothad rebuilt them. Among the people they had just beaten down they walked. They helped them up, cleaned them off, and bandaged their wounds. 'Twas the wounds they themselves hath committed on the bodies of these people, but 'twas the knights, too, that healed them. When the spirit of the people was rebuilt, it was rebuilt in the name of Minrothad.

The next few days went easy. The people gave in easily as the knights of Minrothad walked the isle. The southern quarter of this island was now land of Minrothad. Even in some instances, the knights were welcomed more than they were hated. Roderick Graves had played all his strategic energy into this take over.

For nearly two months the knights of Minrothad operated in the village of Crasky. They ruled this land now, and they ruled in a way the people were not used to under the rule of Zeckar Ierendi. They ruled it fairly. But from the fort at the northern end of island rode two hundred troops of Ierendi. These knights were vicious and of the elite guard of Ierendi.

The two armies clashed. Minrothad was forced back to Crasky where they regrouped. The people did something amazing then. They rallied on the side of Minrothad. When the knights of Ierendi came to Crasky to finish off and reclaim the lands to the south, they met nearly two hundred of their own people in battle. Roderick, his job now done, called his troops to rally in the galley which had brought them here and they sped off through the waves back home.

Karl smiled at the news. Yea, he had lost the land he had taken harshly from his enemy. But his retaliation was successful. Knights of Ierendi fell, he showed the power he had in the form of his knights and his captain and the people have learned what it was like to be ruled fairly. For two months they reveled under the leadership of Myrmidon Roderick Graves. The difference between the two? When Ierendi finished the battle at Crasky, their knights turned and marched back to the fort. Their own people were left to heal their own. How long before the people demand fair treatment from their true king? Karl Guildmaster had completed his retaliation. The repayment was made, in Zeckar's loss of face and faith. And while there, Graves had planted the seeds of change.

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