REVIEW - Pure Drama - "3:33"

By Marcus Pan

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Pure DramaAfter much waiting on proverbial pins and needles, I finally received Pure Drama's single that opens with track 3:33. I've heard a few good things about the moody electronic work of Pure Drama here and there and was curious to finally be able to sit down with a pressed CD of their work and make my own opinions.

Formed originally in 1997 by Ryan Policky and Becca Gomez, a duo who can mesh their voices together to form some of the best female/male harmonies I've heard in years, they were later joined by Stuart Alden (violin), Erik Jeffries (guitar) and Markus Schipporeit (percussion) to form the five-piece band that is today's lineup. Pure Drama bring a heavy list of musical influences with them into their track recording. You can detect hints of industrial (scraping mechanics), goth rock (strumming bass and guitar), ethereal/new-age (dreamy yet strong vocals) and a few other smaller genres sprinkled on for good measure. The five work well together, but again mention must be made to the near-perfect coalescing vocal duo - for it is these voices that give Pure Drama the original sound that you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Pure DramaPure Drama open this single with 3:33, an EBM/electronica style track with Ryan taking the lead and Becca the supporting roles. The percussion has a smooth rhythm to it with a flowing bass line and (as the track builds) an aural-wrap synthesizer mix. It's quite an arrangement. Next is All In Words. A metal-tinged bass line pumps the track forward while our vocal duo take equal portions of the light. Background chords on synthesizers are deeply laid in the arrangement and distorted guitars populate the song. Just over a minute into it, the vocals of Becca and Ryan split off from one another, going to different ends of a spectrum, showing a distant yet still superb harmony. Lastly the 3-track CD ends with The Light. A more industrial laced track with more pronounced electronics, The Light makes a great dance floor number.

With this 3-track single CD I find myself wanting more. Pure Drama indeed have a blend of music that's fresh and original, lent to greatly by the large assortment of influences and the male/female harmonies. Their live performances are said to be unique blendings of lights, video, dance and sound. A great addition to their genre - whatever hybrid component you like about them most, that is.

Contact Information:
Phone: (303) 771-5957

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