REVIEW: Razed In Black - "Oh My Goth!"

By Marcus Pan

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Recently released is the DJ-special, 4-track EP Oh My Goth!. Razed In Black hold up their hard-working-band nomination well with a dance-heavy set of remixes and goodies. The review of RIB's Sacrificed CD showed up in Legends #100, so look there for further information on the band.

One of the tracks included here is a live cut from their recent tour with Switchblade Symphony throughout the U.S. The opening track is the nominal Oh My Goth!, and it is slated to appear as a bonus track on a coming repress of Sacrificed via Cleopatra Records. Sensual female moans open the song prior to razing into a beat-heavy, dancefloor track sure to be a favorite. Guitars are toned down to rhythmic pulses here and vocals are surrounded by windy synth lines and pulsing bass moves.

A bonus surprise here is Razed In Black's rendition of Prince's 1999. A completely reworked piece of music that bears virtually no resemblance to the original save the lyrics. Being this is a DJ-made disc, meant for jockeys and dancehouse spinning, the wrap-around bass rumblings similar to Oh My Goth! are here as well as stomp-heavy beats. The chorale breakdowns are windy and well-done, carrying Prince's representation decently.

Inertia, well-known industrialites from Europe, remix Nightmare into a fierce and fast barrage. Applying guitar scrapes, Kraftwerk style synth work and keyboard licks to the original, they come out with a fine remix worthy of any dancefloor - though spinning this track might be a bit dangerous if there are any cyberpunks on the floor. Chorale screams are fierce and pain-laden and apply a fierce strength to the track. Watch your toes.

The closing track is my favorite here on Oh My Goth! Transmutator's Auto-Drip Grind is synthetic, computeresque, sensual and powerful. Female seduction abounds within. Beat tracks are mixed up, reapplied, remixed and rhythmically superior to most I've heard in some time. Slash-style keyboards slide in and out with female vocals provided by Michelle Pagan. Comp-bleeps and siren-like tones rise and fall beneath - a breathtaking track. Breakdown in the center suddenly drops you into a windy void and Michelle's whispers lead you back to the rhythm. Fucking awesome.

Well there you have it. For DJs only, yet somehow it ended up in my stack. Not that I'm complaining. To hear Michelle Pagan whisper, "Why don't you fuck me now?" is akin to my version of heaven.

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