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The first thing I wanted to mention is that this is our first month in our 11th year of printing Legends Magazine. Imagine that.

Next month we have a real exciting issue. We'll have reviews of new artists like Dearmax, Zonei, Vampire Nation and more. We'll also have exclusive interviews with Florida's metal outfit, Seasons of the Wolf, and a review of their last album, Lost In Hell. Also, following the release of Clint Catalyst's new book, Cottonmouth Kisses, I manage to sit him down for a little bit of talk after his signing tour ended. Reaching #3 on's Gay/Lesbian list, Cottonmouth Kisses is a piecemeal bit of wisdom for all of us, so be sure to check it out as I get him to talk to us about a whole lot of things.

Sue Simpson returns with Little Bird and Dan Century takes us further off the beaten path with a follow-up article to this month's William S. Burroughs and Cut-Up. Come back in December for Brion Gysin and His Wonderful Dream Machine. The Mean Little Man bares a piece of his soul in next month's column: The Impending Doom of the Reunion. And I corner each and every member of the In Perpetual Motion staff in a long, exclusive interview celebrating their upcoming anniversary! And meanwhile I'll go check in with Reinaldo to see how his next exclusive serial for you guys is coming.

It's about time I lock it up and call it done, kids. So be sure to swing by next month for some more good stuff, check out the archives if you're online and check out the other 103 issues we did so far. Review submissions are flowing in - keep them coming. This week alone we've received Scarlet Life, Gebrauche-Musik, John Ludi, Kleen, Terebelam, Stendhal, Mindless Faith (thanks for the jacket mention guys…I love that stuff) and an amazing trance compilation out of Germany just released by one of my favorites, Tone Casualties, Dr. Walker - Escape From Cologne. Roll 'em on in!

Speaking of rolling 'em on in, the 4500 Bordentown address is officially slammed shut. So if you haven't updated your records to indicate the new one, 158 Main St., South River, NJ, 08882, then I suggest you do so pretty durn quick. Because anything you do roll is going to roll right back if'n you don't.

Slate, kiddies. Oh, and hit the website. It's My hits are under 60,000 last week, and I just don't like it.

Peace, love and all the trimmings…and Happy Halloween too…

Marcus Pan
October 23, 2000

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