Editor's Notes

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Short and sweet. That's the theme of this issue. Small fonts, less pages, less money I have to spend to get it out to you, but hopefully with as much aplomb and quality as we've always done. Printing costs are kicking my ass and I can't do it anymore - not without the advertising revenue that isn't there. Call me for rates or check them out at Legends Online and give me a hand.

Onward, this issue we feature interviews with two of industrial music's greats - Gary Dassing (Mentallo & The Fixer / Shimri / Benestrophe / Mainesthai) chats a bit with Rev. Daryl Litts. Meanwhile on the west coast the reunion of core members of SMP produced an amazing release on ADSR Musicwerks - Terminal - and yours truly talks with them and I give an in-depth on the aforementioned CD. Quite a few reviews this month as well, so just keep turning pages.

In fiction, a bit lean this month, but we do bring you the final chapter of Willmott's Zone Three. RPM and Sue Simpson are here as well, though my own fantasy series from Albinor are taking a powder. Dan and I give you a couple short essays though, so hopefully that'll make some of you happy. The one I provide this month, Thinking, is actually an old one I wrote back in '92 and sees the light of day for the first time in this issue. I also cover books twice over, digging into Phule's Company and Tales From the Flat Earth respectively so that should stay off the non-music readers for a little while. Stay tuned next month as the fiction lovers get a treat…

So I guess that's about all I have to say.

Till the back page…

Marcus Pan
October 22, 2000

Legends Online