REVIEW: Holger Czukay - "La Luna"

By Wilde

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La LunaHolger Czukay is one of the few that can legitimately claim to be one of the founding fathers of electronic music. Formerly bassist and sound engineer of the 70s German experimental group Can (which heavily influenced punk music in general), Czukay's been doing electronica since it started. Trained in music by composer Karl Stockhausen and technically brilliant, Czukay's taken his music in some odd directions before, and this disc is no exception. Recorded in his studio in France and consisting of one 47 minute track, which he calls an "electronic night ceremony," La Luna pushes the envelope of just how much esotericism consumers can stand.

Severely ambient to the point of being nearly subliminal, the track itself consists mostly of a churning rhythm pattern reminiscent of a ship's propeller, with various sound patterns underlying it. Later in the track, Holger's collaborator U-She adds some vocals to this purported ritual, supposedly prayers to the moon (liner notes provided). It seems that the intent here was to set up a steady pattern that Czukay could tweak in various interesting directions. Overall, La Luna is bafflingly subtle, and requires quite a few listens to get the full effect. However, it's far too complex and monotonous for most radio or club play. The best listening environment for this one is a quiet room at night with the lights off. If you're into energetic music, try to steer clear of La Luna, but if you're into complex and interesting electronic composition, you might want to give it a listen or three.

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