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Mean Little a number of things have been pounding around the Mean Little Brain. Driving back to the compound this evening I was dwelling on a whole slew of things and realized at first that I really should write an addendum to my whole rant on Women. Mostly because men are just as skrew-loose crazy. What prompted a lot of these thoughts?

Well I'll tell ya, the fansters have been sending me some interesting emails. A number of them were not too nice, and most of the rest of them were only somewhat nice. I got some great ones that were really sweet and supportive. Thanks fer those people.

So I thought I'd answer some of the more interesting questions that have been coming my way.

Just who the hell do you think you are? Sum kinda genius?

Actually, yes I do. In my mind I'm also a cosmonaut, a firefighter, and a rockstar. Who says I can't be? Or that anyone can't have a glorious, positive, and self-affirming view of themselves? Here's the reply this person got, and I implore you to use it whenever someone wants you to think less of yourself.

"To quote the Mean Little Man. Fuck you."

You're so negative and pissed off at everything? What's your problem?

My problem? I am a jaded cynical sonufabedastardly dude. I see potential and compassion and promise inherent in everyone out there. And I see the people of the world spend most of their time devoted to making the other guy feel like crap. I look at a country like Somalia where there is famine and pestilence, and all the other horseman. The world gets together to try to bring them food and medicine and they get shot at! I see the richest country in the world able to create technological marvels and what do most of its citizens complain about? Censorship of a book that would never be sold in their town anyway. I see people more interested in being a victim because it gives them a voice and camaraderie, a false feeling of importance and belonging, instead of breaking down the finger-pointing walls of division. I am angry at the potential we refuse to see and the negative energies we turn outward and inward. I weep at the death of dreams, and I get pissed that dream-killing seems to be at the heart of the current human condition.

Your Columbine article was the most disgusting piece of trash I ever read. Those kids were monsters. They killed people's loved ones. They should burn in hell and so should you!

If I am to burn in hell, then there is nothing I can do about that. I am going to continue to live my life as honestly as I can. As for Klebold and Harris, I would argue they were already in hell so a little killing spree was nothing to them. Do I feel for them? Yes. Do I condone their actions? No. But I can understand them. They were ostracized and outcast by the community to the point where they were going to kill themselves. They struck back at the community. Look at what's happening now. Kids on the outside are practically being rounded up for fear that they too might strike out at a community that shuns them. Great way to make kids feel welcome, accepted and safe. Why don't we load them with drugs that make them sedate, or emotionally disconnected enough that the 'pretty people' are far less disturbed by their presence? Can I have some trumpets? 'Cause here comes Prozac! You survive what they lived through, then tell me what you had to do NOT to load up the assault rifle and head for a bell tower. People have snapped for good and bad from far less. They did kill people, and now they have to deal with this in whatever afterlife they are within. But wishing hell on me or them shows the compassionate society and its members that refuses to admit it can create killers.

Hey Mean Little Dork. You Suck.

Yes I do, next question.

You seem like a real arrogant prick, who do you think you are?

Someone who doesn't get all bungeed up by the writings of a cynical-pointy-haired dweebaramus. seem like you want to be disliked. If you lost the spiked hair and tried to fit in maybe you wouldn't be so angry...

I'm angry because that's what people tell me I have to do to feel good about myself. I DO feel good about myself. I really get a kick out of being me. You should try it some time.

Who do you think you are? You have no clue how hard it is to be a woman having to deal with the objectification and oppression!

Hey sweets. Listen up honey and take a chill kitten. Men are 5 times as likely to be the victims of violence. We have shorter life spans than women. Stress-related diseases are our number-1 killer followed by cancer. Suicide makes the top-10. 1 in 5 men are believed to have been sexually assaulted compared to 1 in 3.5 women. 1 in 1000 cases of male peer sexual abuse are reported as opposed to 1 in 8 for women. Ask a man hanging from a lynching tree how he got a leg up in the world because he's male. Ask a poor white with near illiteracy if he got a fair trial. Men are twice as likely to be labeled emotionally disturbed or be sent to remedial education in schools. Lesbianism is relatively accept. Homosexuality isn't. 98% of all citizens who have been drafted are males. We got the women beat at being screwed over. But it's not about being better. Violence, rape, oppression, hatred; is not a female issue. It is a human issue. And women are NOT morally superior to men because 46% of child abuse cases are caused by females. We're equal and that kills you.

Who is the Mean Little Man anyway?

I think Robert Frost said it best, "I had a lover's quarrel with the world." I love life, the world, expression, freedom, smiles, laughter... I have a weakness for kittens, I like good beer, can bore the pants off ya (which is half the battle) talking about my theories on the Hellenistic religions. I like reading, writing, and just plain old being me. I'm a romantic at heart. I have volunteered with nearly everything, and I think I'm pretty accepting of difference. But I'm also so goddamn pissed off because there are thousands of people right now dedicating their efforts to eroding my choices, telling me these things are wrong in one way or another. I want to shake them. Make myself a target for their efforts? I am not so arrogant. But if I can? GREAT! Maybe they'll spend time on Me instead of finding evils in the struggles of kids to find themselves. Maybe they'll learn something. Maybe they'll write me hate mail instead of trying to ban yet another book. Maybe they'll get so wrapped up they'll forget to vote for Bush.

It'll only give me more to write about for the amusement of the Fansters...

Mean Little Man. Great Site!!! I love it!!!

Seek help. Seek help now.

Hugs and Smooches!,
The Mean Little Man on 9-13-2000.

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