REVIEW: Needulhed - "Superhero Undead"

By Marcus Pan

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Pave the PlanetJust released by Needulhed is Superhero Undead, their follow-up album to one of my most lauded in recent time, Pave the Planet. The trio of Mortimer, Weeks and Nack remain in our century for a while longer to bring out another successful and trippy full length. While remaining true to the industro/techno/goth formula they wielded in Pave the Planet, Needulhed's newest adds in a bit more funk and, I think, a bit more soul. Flawlessly produced and nearly every track amazing. I ended my review of Pave the Planet with the words "superhero undead." Finding their next album to be named as such is pretty damn cool.

NeedulhedFor those that don't know the story of the Needulhed trio, I refer you to my review of their Pave the Planet release. For those that are, rest assured that the image remains true and unbridled. They push the ideas of rhythm to the limits here. Week's bass and Nack's drumming are distinct and impressive, like rather than finding their muse they were instead possessed by them. Mortimer's vocals can still scrape the back of your skull, swell into your groove and spill out on your brain.

The initial impressive track here is the sixth - Needulhed's cover of the classic Whip It from Devo. Spiking it with adrenaline, Needulhed successfully modernize the song with a speed boost and more attitude while remaining true to the original. Probably my favorite on the album, however, is Rude Boy. A "back off" style rant with sudden guitar thrusts, threatening lyrics and loaded with comical irony: "You may have the car but I have the key;" "Gonna be a model citizen and start a whole new trend." Messing with funky bass and keyboard grooves and flip-flopping aggression levels,Rude Boy is a great tune. Scream, found on track 4, is another favorite. Another of their amazing rock ballads (there are a few surprises like this hidden among the riffs on Superhero Undead), Scream has more heart in it than a Hallmark Valentine.

I really don't want to give away too much, but I'm having difficulty figuring out where to stop going on about this one. K-1 Drop is another ballad style. Mortimer shows impeccable form during the rap style vocal breakdown. Ok, just one more highlight. My last pick of the bitter is on track 9. Ride the Wave is an infectious song that over the last month or so has become a theme song for me. An "everything's gonna be alright" anthem done in Johnny the Homicidal Maniac style; after buying my first house I really needed a song like this to keep me from going straight-jacket insane. Thanks you three! Ok ok. Just one more. Following Ride the Wave, Bad Trip is a song chock full of silliness. Love it.

So in short, Needulhed push out a worthy follow up of their Pave the Planet release. Awesome production and with 100% more funkiness, Superhero Undead keep Needulhed at the top of my personal charts.

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