REVIEW: Second Skin - "Skin Samples"

By JohnnyB

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  1. Voo Doo Doll
  2. Liberate Me
  3. Club Sexxx (X-Mix)
  4. Scream Yourself to Sleep (Raw Mix)

(Surprise Track: Let's Dance)

Queensryche sings David Bowie. Or is it Bowie sings Queensryche? Frankly, I still haven't decided. It's an interesting mix of the two styles, though.

Second SkinThe first song on the CD, Voo Doo Doll, was an unfortunate choice for the lead-in. While it has a nice sampled 70's sounding female intro, and a rich male voice following, the lyrics are rather inane. It's the quality of those voices that carry the song; the guitars and drums don't impress much.

Whatever the first song lacks, the second cut, Liberate Me makes up for in spades. A great sample in the beginning (someone please tell me what movie it's from!) over a good guitar and drum intro - and then the guitars really get kicking. Again, the lyrics are a little inane, but the guitars and the rich quality of the voices really move the song. They transition into a chorus that's almost pure Bowie in style, but it's short and then transitions right back into the driving guitar work. This track got my vote for the best on the album.

Nearly as good as Liberate Me, Club Sexxx starts again with a movie sample, and the guitar work is even more interesting, with a good bass line. The staccato, rapid-fire vocals work nicely, and even the chorus, voxed to the point of sounding like Thomas Dolby, produces a pleasing counterpoint.

Scream Yourself To Sleep just couldn't keep up the pace. Almost patently "Queensryche" in sound, the lyrics again fall short, without the great guitars to keep from detracting from the song. There's some good guitar-playing in there, but overall the vocal efforts keep it from pulling this drowsy song up out of the depths.

Not listed on the CD or on the cover, there was a little surprise afterwards: a rather good cover of David Bowie's Let's Dance. A little faster-paced than the original, it's probably the only song on the album you could really dance to. The voices fall a little flat in spots, but they still manage to do the song justice.

As an introductory album, it has some flaws, but it shows a lot of talent with true promise of greater things to come.

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