REVIEW: Tinfoil Gargoyles - Self-Titled

By Marcus Pan

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Tinfoil GargoylesOut of Atlanta, Georgia comes the new four-man metallic clique of Tinfoil Gargoyles. Creating music in the familiar rock genre, the Gargoyles infuse their rock-metal basics with rhythm and blues style. Made up of Don Cole on guitars, Steve Ayre on vocals, harmonica and percussion, "The Goat" on drums and Christian Lammers on bass, they take influence from a variety of mainstream rock acts and are also able to mix up their set with a number of well known modern and classic rock covers. They are building their touring schedule for their area, so those in the Georgia, Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Texas areas may be seeing more of them real soon.

The Tinfoil Gargoyles' self-titled debut EP is a seven track collection of original metal/rock/heavy blues from this team. Most of the songs are shorter and under 3 minutes in length, they are well arranged and controlled with little in the way of jam-style riffs that one would typically expect from a garage rock band. Instead the Gargoyles have great control over their instruments and on this debut come out sounding very tight as a musical unit.

Included here is The Clown, one of my favored tracks from this album, which opens with an Alice In Chains kind of flat-sounding rhythm. Guitar solo lines follow vocal stanzas adding more to the grunge rhythm style. Another favorite of mine is Spinning My Wheels in location five. Opening with an infectious guitar lick, Spinning My Wheels is reminiscent of some of the harder songs from one of my mainstream favorites Collective Soul - you can use Gel as one example. Returning again to the grunge drag-rock sound is Hazy Place. This one has frolicking guitar lines and also shows the others in the team besides Steve can provide vocals when necessary and called upon.

Tinfoil LiveThe downside to this release by the Tinfoil Gargoyles is the overall sound quality of the recording itself. While all members of the band put forth a great showing with their capabilities and perform well with their respective instruments, there seems to be something lacking in the overall sound. It sounds flat or under-par. I attribute this to the simple fact that this is a debut release and will say no more about it except that I don't think it's a performance problem as much as a production problem. It's also damn hard to explain - like chili without enough red peppers (and this is in no way a band reference, by the way…take it as a pure analogy).

All members of the Tinfoil Gargoyles show that they are well versed in music making with their choices of instrumental weaponry. It's a strong debut showing the capabilities of this new Atlanta grunge rock outfit. They are in the process of a second CD release and I for one and hoping to hear the lack of what I mentioned in the above paragraph and the creation of a stronger, wiser, more complete Tinfoil Gargoyle sound.

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