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Well, that will do it for this month kiddies. One page shy of last month's issue, which means I might be able to buy a sandwich this month. Cool!

In next month's issue we bring you some high quality fiction, the Lovecraftian The Final Pronunciation with art by Mike Strick of Creation Zone ( and written by Bruce Turlish. We'll see the return of Sue Simpson with two short stories; Mourning Glory and Agony. Of course we'll have more from the Mean Little Man as he tells us how the reunion went - and my own column that deals with the same subject matter, which I took to in a different light than he did - People Like You.

Music features next month include interview/review combinations for JackieOnAssid, Written In Ashes and One. And strangely enough Brian Brewer pokes his head out of the sand to drop me a new Charlie the Cannibal Chicken comic strip, which was shocking and happily received.

For the book lovers we have a triplet of Off The Shelf reviews for you of novels A Clockwork Orange, Communion and Lasher. And in the end it should end up about the same size as the issue you hold now.

So I'll see everyone next month. Hope you had a decent Thanksgiving - I'm only there for the food and the company - and we'll talk again soon.

And be sure to check out my new column, Midnight Ramblings, at Spiral Dance -

And that'll do it…

Peace, love and all the trimmings…

Marcus Pan
November 26, 2000

P.S. - QXTs plays too much techno now. When the beat and rhythm doesn't change for 40 minutes straight, something's quite wrong. And the vampire d00d was just silly. Amusing…but silly.

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