Editor's Notes

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Hello everyone. It's time we close out the Y2K I think, and I'm hoping very much that as Legends Magazine heads into its 11th year of print we do so with aplomb. I think you'll all enjoy the various interviews we feature this month, from author Clint Catalyst to DJs at IPM and the Florida metal outfit of Seasons of the Wolf. But before we go on there's some bits needing to be mentioned, and that's a correction to an article we ran last month.

In the review of music by Martyr Complex last month we had mentioned the involvement with that group of Florida native Bob Melendez. Bob would like it to be known that he no longer associates with Martyr Complex. Not only that, he was never on the CD we reviewed, contrary to our reports and appearance of his name in the CD jacket. The CD reviewed was So Dark In Eden. It is also mentioned that, with the exception of 2 tracks on So Dark In Eden in which Engor did supply vocals for, Chris Leighman performed such on all other tracks on the CD. It seems the CD jacket was notoriously incorrect in a few areas, hmmm… Bob has moved on to other things, most notably his one-man electronic outfit Doomsday Kult. A review of Doomsday Kult's The Complete DDK CD will appear in Legends #108.

Also, before you all bring it up again, I am now aware that SMP stands for Sounds of Mass Production. I must've been having a bad month. Hehe. But, you can all stop telling me that now. It's been drummed into my skull by this time.

Anyway, with those items stated, I'll leave you to move on to the rest of Legends #105. Enjoy, and I'll see you all on the back page!

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