Perpetually Spinning for Two Years

In Perpetual Motion

An Interview with the Staff

By Marcus Pan

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In 1997 a guy named Mac got the IPM name from a print publication. Being somewhat illiterate (I'm kidding!) the name was adopted into In Perpetual Motion Radio in December, 1998. Now two years later, Mac is still spinning the best independent gothic, synthpop, industrial, electronica and ambient style music one can find on the Net and elsewhere. Along with today's partners in crime; Mistress Carah, Miss Sara, Phranque, Chris & Joel, Kelly, Jeremy, Steven, Vicki, Shoshana, Erika and lets not forget the world's most attitudinal guinea pig, Abbot - now that's a lot of people. And all of them bring their brand of style and panache to the weekly radio show, recorded Wednesdays and posted Fridays, and they're bringing it into the new millennium with no sign of stopping or even slowing down. As long as there's an independent artist making music there will hopefully always be In Perpetual Motion ready to spin them - IPM is the first stop on the rise to stardom for many new musicians and artists.

IPMAs the past couple of years went by IPM has grown substantially in listener base and renown. By 1999 a partnership with our own humble selves here at Legends Magazine brought forth the Band Of The Week - a Legends reviewed & IPM played artist highlighted as chosen by the DJs. CD submissions for both review at the Legends office and spinning at the IPM studio spiked from that point and they continue to pour in. Then 2000 brought us in-studio live interviews with artists like Cruxshadows, Chinadoll, Attrition, Ceoxime and more. Requests lines opened and listeners stepped up to show they were indeed there - and verily listening. Secret plans dug up by the Legends crack investigative reporting team (no, really, heh) show IPM has plans to incorporate a LOT of stuff. I was going to tell you more, but when Mac got wind that I had his sekrit plans he sent Abbot over to infiltrate my office and he ate them - so I can't tell you what they were. So here we go - let's see if these guys and gals behind the mics are really as weird in print as they are on the air.

We're going to start today's round of questioning with…Macross.

MacrossDJ Macross


Back when I was real young I played DJ with a tape recorder, an old microphone, a blue record player, a pile of really bad motown 45's and a handful of KMC cassette tapes. It's been all downhill since then.

How did you find yourself with the IPM name in the first place - how exactly was it left to you? What made you think to go from the print publication it originally was to a Net-stream radio station?

The IPM name fell into my lap after it's Creator, Marc Church, decided to discontinue the original print publication. My version of IPM was going to be a multimedia convergence project, involving radio, print and other forms, covering music, spoken word, and various other creative works. After drumming up lots of interest and absolutely no assistance, plans were scaled back to doing radio, following in the footsteps of Tommy T and the Cyberage show, and IPM radio was born. The first year and a half IPM was produced on 2 walkmans, a radio shack mixer and a Pentium 166. The first few months the show was recorded in my bedroom, then it moved to a spare room and now a days the studio occupies my entire living room area - it's still not enough space!

How is the site doing? I mean you've had some decent names in the studio - Detroit favorites Ceoxime; Cruxshadows; even Attrition. Do you have an accurate idea of your listening base?

The site and the show it hosts are doing phenomenally. IPM has grown much larger than I could have ever dreamed. sees over 400 visitors a day, totaling several thousand listeners each week from all over the world. It's very exciting. Partnerships with Legends, Starvox, Gothic Funeral, Hidden Sanctuary, Got Black, 5th Element Products, East Alley Records, Object-A, Side-Line, Goth Media and others have helped spread the word better than any meta-tags ever could. True networking.

Here's a tough one - WHY do it?

Why do I do it? It's fun. I'm fulfilling my dream of being a radio DJ, and ever since the whole ASCAP fiasco this past spring, IPM has become one of the premier vehicles for independent artists to get their music heard. In addition to that it's a great excuse to have friends over for a small party on a weekly basis.

And of course, what are you listening to in your personal time these days? Who's the Next Big Thing?

Personal listening lately has been a whole lot of synthpop. I absolutely love the stuff, and cant get enough. As for my predictions on the next big thing - with the resources available to artists these days, it could very well be the guy next door.

When are you and I going to have a bass guitar showdown?

Marcus, you and I can have a bass guitar showdown as soon as pink ten fish pork bingo.

DJ SexxxxDJ Sexxx (formerly known as DJ Miss Sara)

A little background on you too?

I discovered Goth in fifth grade when I saw a Siouxsie & the Banshees video on MTV. At that point, I was immediately ostracized from the cool table at my Catholic school, and I decided to dedicate my life to pursuing "different" music. So, I graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting last summer. Go figure...

How'd you get involved with IPM and when did it start?

Last October I decided that Macross was cute. I used IPM to flirt with him. Being as shy as I am, I could never think of anything to talk about when I was flirting with him, so I asked him to teach me to DJ, and a year and a breakup later, I'm still a DJ and we're still best buddies.

How is the Labyrinth scene and gig going?

The Labyrinth has undergone some management changes and attendance has dropped due to loyalty issues among the clientele. That and it being on a Sunday night, it's hard to convince people to get their asses out to the club. I've even had to offer nudity. My beloved vampire stalkers are quite dedicated though, naked or not. And I get free shots in glasses rimmed with sugar, so it's not a bad deal altogether.

And now, besides KMFDM/MDFMK, who are you listening to in your spare time these days?

I'm absolutely obsessed with Arzt+Pfusch. Their album Warum! has been in my CD player for two weeks straight. I also picked up the new Fockewolf, which is fantastic. Other than that, I'm rotating between Funker Vogt, Icon of Coil, Snake River Conspiracy, Suicide Commando, and Wolfsheim.

ViolenceDJ Mistress Carah AKA Violence

Tell us a little about yourself.

Umm… There isn't much to tell. I'm 22. I go to school and work. I like it when people buy me things.

How'd you end up hanging and spinning with Mac at IPM?

I was invited over to do a Valentines show and I've been coming back ever since.

How's the glitter working out as your weapon? I, for one, jet quickly at the merest sight of glitter.

It works great. The boys are terrified.

What's in your CD Player at home?

Cruxshadows, Cruxshadows and more Cruxshadows.

PhranqueDJ Phraenque

Of course, you must elaborate on yourself first. It's standard, heh.

I'm DJ Pfrank, a 26 year old boy with some postsecondary education but no degree to speak of. I like long walks on the beach and quiet sunsets. I have a cat named Merle, whom I live with in an apartment in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

How did Mac manage to sucker you into DJing at IPM?

I started doing IPM because Mac and I have known each other since, well, around 9th grade or so. I had spun before at a college radio station (WSGR in Pt Huron, MI) and really liked it, and so I jumped at the chance to do so with my very own play list for IPM. Since then I've been involved in the Detroit rave scene which has been a very fun, scary and rewarding experience.

There is a mystery surrounding your commerce activities…care to elaborate?

The big secret about my "commerce" activities is that I've held a number of very cool, if not very lucrative jobs. Basically I worked in a comic shop in AA for 5 years…poor pay, good atmosphere. Currently I work at a used record shop, which has provided much fodder for my IPM excursions. (Record Exchange, Ann Arbor)

What have you had in your CD Player lately?

So that aside, things I currently have in my CD player include: John Acquaviva -- Skills, Roni Size -- In the Mode, Richie Hawtin -- Decks Effects 909, Toto -- Dune Soundtrack, Paul van Dyk -- Seven Ways.

Describe the physics behind your strange wave motion cannon device…

And finally, my Wave Motion Cannon Device harnesses the Great Hum of the Earth, synchronizes it with my internal co-processor unit in order to harmonize the vibrations of my Chi. (Which means I can shoot light beams and stuff!)

DJ Jeremy

Well, Jeremy, you know the first thing on my list - tell us your personal bits!

I'm a computer geek. That's the best way to describe me. I'm studying computer science at MSU, and I work at the Cyclotron as a Programmer; I get to write neato programs that run in different Unix variants.

And of course, what did Mac bribe you with to get you into the studio?

I'm dating bob's sister, and he told me about the show. I made a rare appearance a year ago, but vanished into the void of school. I made a return with lots of poppy music. He didn't really have to bribe me, I love DJing, music is the only thing I like almost as much as computers. :P

What color is your hair today?

I'm back to my staple blonde now. Much better for my synthpop boy look. I'm willing to take requests, email me and suggest colors if they want. :P

According to your electronic/synthpop masterness, who is the Next Big Thing coming up in this genre?

Wow, next big thing. Are any synthpop bands really big? Heh. I think the next big band will be Monolithic. He just released his debut disc a couple months ago, and along with really GREAT music, Midihead has an awesome voice. He did vocals on one of the songs on the newer Neuroactive disc, and it's really good. If you get into the whole synthpop thing, I really recommend Power Undiminished by Monolithic. Check out Count 2 Infinity too. I saw him at the Summer Synthpop Festival in DC last summer (if they have another one, GO TO IT!), good set, made me buy the disc because I dug it.


Where do you come from Kelly? Nobody seems to know…are you human?

I'm from (originally) Redford, MI. I've lived in many portions of this state, a lil' berg in OH called Kent. And a god-forsaken place called Sierra Vista, in the southern portion of the vast wasteland called AZ. I currently reside in Lansing and attend the recording of IPM and play guitar for kicks. AM I human? Depends on who you ask I suppose. If you ask Eric, I'm one of the most human people he knows…if you ask Shoshana, I'm something less than human. I prefer Shoshana's take on it *grin*

I understand you've been the Band of the Week reader. Like the job?

Sure do, if I get to review a band I like then I'm happy all night. If I don't give a good review, I'm still happy because I get to vent my spleen about totally unrelated shit and still come away happy. Either way, I win, and that's generally a good thing...

Like my zine? Heehee. ;)

HEH...HELL YES! I look forward to flipping through Legends in search of the band o the week. I particullarly enjoy The Mean Little Column. I just wish the Bands that send you guys thier cd's would do the same for us here at IPM, it'd make my job LOTS easier! ;)

Did you really attempt to eat Mac's Boogie Bass?

Yep, 'Twas yummie, but needed tartar sauce...

And of course, whatcha been listening to?

Fear Factory-Demanufacture, Morbid Angel-Blessed Are the Sick, Black Label Society-Stronger Than Death and Sonic Brew, Lots of old Blues artists (Koko Taylor, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, etc...) and a whole bunch of off the wall, Jazzy Fusion type stuff that I get exposed to at my place of employ (I work at the best music/stringed instrument shop in the mid-west, so I get exposed to a lot of things. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not entirely death and aggression, I just happen to prefer such things...)

PrototypeSteven AKA DJ Prototype

As expected, we desire to know your life story and why, of all places, you decided to hang out at IPM studio.

My life story? Right. Like anyone wants to be bored with all that nonsense. Why did I start hanging out with the IPM crew? First off, what the fuck else is there to do in this damn town? But more importantly I've known most of the staff for a few years now. Carah and I went to highschool together so I've known her the longest. Carah, Chris and myself were roomates for a few years as well. After I got back from Arizona IPM just seemed like the place to be.

How come you haven't brought me any beer yet?

Like I'm gonna make THAT drive just to make a beer delivery... sheesh.

Ok, since you're the Sarcasm King of IPM, what's your delivered line that slew the whole gang in the studio that you remember best?

Oh come on now, I can only pick one? That's hardly fair.

What's been tootin' in your headphones lately?

IPMLately (when the CD player in my car isn't being a bitch) I've been listening to my new Ataraxia CD Historiae. The album is based entirely on middle age ballads. For those of you Ataraxia fans out there... this one kicks ass and even comes in a cool slidey-case. When I'm at my computer Sonique is always on pulling tracks from 6.5g of various mp3's.


A little bit of you in word form, Shoshana?

Well, Marcus, they're simply are not words to describe the wonder that is me, but for the sake of IPM, I shall give it an attempt. First, as all of our studio friends are doubtless aware, I am one of the Hot Chicks in PFrank's entourage. But I am so much more than a sexy lacky… I am an honor student at good ole U of M, and even if I blow off my reading and skip class, my incredible skills of BS can more often than not pull me through. I watch the Simpsons a lot, and I spend my nights alternately working at the largest liquor/party store on campus and enjoying the diverse night life that characterizes Ann Arbor…actually, as a point of interest, y'all might be interested to know that my "dead bear" backpack is actually banned from my workplace for life; luckily, he's not alive, so the ban doesn't really apply. I also pronounce the "L" in talk and say the word orange funny.

How did you come by your name, any particular story to that? It's probably the prettiest name I've heard in, well, years.

Awwwee, thanx!!!! :o)

There really isn't much of a story behind it: Shoshana is Hebrew for Rose or Lilly; my dad's mom is Rose, and I have a great aunt Lillian… Oh, and my mom apparently had this crazy idea of naming her kids Shoshana, Shana and Shirah if she had three daughters. (I was six when my youngest brother was born, and damnit, I really wanted him to be a girl cuz She-ra, princess of power rocks!) Anyway, it's kind of weird cuz my whole family insists on calling me Shana - pronounced "Shuh-nuh" - which absolutely drives me crazy, and my relatives are always spelling my name wrong. PFrank's friends keep introducing me as Shosh, which is not my name! Other derivatives include: Sho, Shoshie, Yoshi, Shanana, Shashi, Shashi-nymph and Shaw-shaw-naw (ya'all can thank DJ Prototype for that one). Erika calls me Senjo: it's Japanese for fairy/nymph. My whole name is Shoshana Tovah Glick, which translates to rose of lilly of good luck. I guess that's about it on my name…

Again, either you're playing really mysterious and refusing to be captured on the Staff page at IPM, or Mac's slacking off. Which?

Well, you know Mac . . .

(On a different note, Grrrr . . . He won't give me scotch.)

And which would you be at IPM - cast or character?

Oh, I'm definitely a character!

What do you listen to when its not IPM music?

I'm pretty diverse: I'm a gothic-punk-techno-folky sort of gal. On the way up here, New Chris and PFrank were making fun of my taste in music. :o(

This isn't a question, but I'm just gonna type some of my favorite phrases:

-We can make sandwiches…


-Sweet Corn!

-Fungus of doubt!

-I'm tired of getting the fuzzy end of the lollypop!

-Consciousness is that annoying little state in between naps.

-Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

-Alas what darkened minds have soothsayers!
What good are shrines and vows to maddened lovers?
The inward fire eats the soft marrow away,
And the internal wound bleeds on in silence.

-Not drunk is he who from the floor, rises again to drink still more, but drunk is he who prostate lies, lacking the will to drink and rise!

-Little solace comes to those who grieve
When thoughts are drifting
As walls are shifting
And this great blue world of ours
Seems a house of leaves
Moments before the wind


You're another mysterious one Erika. Are you a newcomer to the staff?

Hee Hee! I'm mysterious! No, I'm not a member of the staff, I'm a member of Pfrank's entourage. Although I am mentioned on the staff page.

Care to disperse some of the mystery about you? Fill us in on you.

I'm 18, and I'm a college student from Ann Arbor.

How'd you end up in the studio with this gang anyway?

How'd I end up here? Pfrank brought me.


Of course, you must elaborate on yourself first. It's standard, heh.

I come from just about everywhere. I've lived all over the country; Michigan, Washington state (where I was spawned), North Carolina, you get the idea. I'm a mountain boy at heart. :) I am not human, no. I am a strange intermingling of catfish and ocelot (a particularly feral breed of wild cat).

Do you have a job function at IPM? Or do you just hang around like most of 'em. :)

I've done Band of the Week once (just before filling out this interview actually), and I enjoyed the hell out of it. I had wanted to find a band to appropriately rip apart, but was grossly disappointed in that respect. The band was really cool.

Like my zine? Heehee. ;)

I've only read your magazine a couple of times, and I enjoy everything I've seen so far. I'm very impressed. Keep it up, please.

What do you listen to on your own these days?

If I told you what I listened to, you'd laugh. Lots of Indie, metal, hard rock, just plain rock (lots of Tull, stuff like that), I listen to a lot of my own music, mostly to reflect and analyze and figure out how to keep growing as a musician. An interesting development has recently taken place in that regard with Kelly. We've started playing and writing stuff together. Hopefully we'll soon have a sample of our stuff for you to enjoy in the very near future on IPM. :)

Take it easy, and I look forward to entertaining you further on IPM.


Abbot the Guinea Pig was Mac's companion for nearly 7 years, 2 of which he spent as IPM's mascot. Regrettably, Abbot passed on to the place just before the Rainbow Bridge to wait for Mac in the afterlife. He is and always will be missed. IPM is produced in loving memory of Abbot G. Pig.

And there you have it kiddies. I'll leave it up to you folks to decide if the IPM crew are indeed as weird in print as they are on the air. Remember to stop by, check out the latest spinfest and drop them all a holler and a big congrats on spinning for the scene, for us, and for the independent artists struggling to be heard - for TWO FLIPPIN' YEARS now! CONGRATULATIONS IPM! And R.I.P., Abbot G. Pig… (sniffle)

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