Chain Border

Well that about does it. Stepped over last month's issue size a tad, which is fine. I hope everyone enjoyed the fiction feature this month - I think The Final Pronunciation is one of the better pieces Legends was able to offer. Thanks to Mike Strick for taking on the illustrating for it.

Coming up next month we have a double hit from Sue Simpson again, a triple hit of Off The Shelf, another column from the Mean Little Man as he poops on Ralph Nader and more. You should see reviews of music by Das Ich, Fockewolf, Moksha, Glampire and others. No interviews next month however. Also, new writer Larry Ayres brings us a sci-fi tale in the form of Jamie Reborn.

I guess I'll see you next month kiddies. Have a safe New Years and we'll talk again later as we head into 2001.

Peace, love and all the trimmings (but NOT the FAT!)…

Marcus Pan

Legends Online