REVIEW: Dream Into Dust - "No Man's Land"

By Wilde

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No Man's LandDerek Rush of December, Patrick Hogan of Bitter Grace, and Bryin Dall of Loretta's Doll make up Dream Into Dust, a (dare I say it?) supergroup of G/I obscurism. This excursion into "gothic industrial" almost explains why the two genres are often associated with each other. Sporting tracks that range from Eraserhead-style electronic noise to spooky synthgoth to hard industrial crunch, No Man's Land is nothing if not eclectic, although it manages to keep a smidgen of thematic continuity throughout, even if said theme is gloomy desolation. Let's just say that it has a lot of bass and goes well with candles. As for the music itself:

The Lost Crusade - Starts out sounding like the theme to a television serial, then into the heavy pounding drums, heavy bass synths, and screeching guitar feedback. The vocals are lightly distorted, all in minor key (of course). There's a short breakdown-style interlude with some pounding and high-pitched noises, then harmonic pipe noises and a military drumbeat. This one regards a group of Crusaders that got lost.

Age of Delirium - Consists of heavy, slow, quiet vocals, lightly distorted bass, and Legend of Zelda-style synths. The title says it all; disorientation's the name of the game.

Dissolution - This one consists of the standard ambient noise wash, with marsh sounds and the occasional bit of poetry recitation. Rubbish. "Oh no, mummy, I'm lost and rotting in the swamp!"

Seasons in the Mist - Here's another fscking ambient noise wash. This one has horns, though, and a bit of acoustic guitar. The vocals are all but whispered, followed by some actual singing, though still soft. Then Dream Into Dust promptly loses what little groove they had and go straight back into the booming and sound effects.

Trying to maintain a sense of pounding menace while still being wistful, No Man's Land would be just the thing to listen to if one were terminally depressed albeit slightly embarrassed about it. While there's a time and place for that, there are a lot more times and places where this album just won't cut it. Then again, considering that by this time this puppy's firmly entrenched in the back catalog, no big loss, eh?

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