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I have now less than two days to finish this issue. Fortunately, all articles and assignments have come in and are ready to go, edited and all, illustrations and everything. Which is pretty rare, and damn nice (hint to the staff…do it again!). So it's just a matter of laying them all in this puppy and hitting the printer.

I haven't been around much the past couple of weeks, I know. And things got behind. With the completion of this issue of Legends however, I'll be back on track. But before I begin to waylay you with the various wonders that you will behold in this fine issue of this fine publication, allow me to provide for you a short synopsis of the past two weeks in hopes of alleviating some of the guilt I feel for being behind.

ChrisFirst, as you know, it was the holiday season. I have kids. I also have a house. I had a tree to carry, lights to hang, credit limits to shit on - you know the drill. I'm not much of a holiday spirit kinda guy, so it was rather torturous. Add to that the required familial appearances (six years ago, they all hated me…now if I don't show up at these things they flip out), the rush to finish up dayjob projects before the holidays out of the office hit and then compound that with acute bronchitis and the brain-crushing meds that accompany that and you have my holiday season in a nutshell. Excuse me a sec - I have a piece of lung caught in my throat…

So onward we go, and this month as you probably noticed we bring our fiction to the forefront. Bruce Turlish offers up his masterpiece of horror set in the world of H. P. Lovecraft. You know the guy - come on, Necronomicon, Cthulhu…well if you don't you should enjoy it anyway. I love stories that end on the evil side…so much more realistic, don't you think? [/cynicism]

OneAdditionally, the Mean Little Man kicks us back to his reunion with the second part to the ramble he gave us last month. And then I throw out one of my most volatile essays I've ever written called People Like You. It's quite the opposite of MLM's experience.

Also featured in music this month - interviews with Australia's band One and England's pop outfit JackieOnAssid who feature a previous Sisters of Mercy guitarist and is fronted by the bass player from one of my old favorites, Adam Ant. Reviews of their albums, Walk the Mercy Mile and Zip Me Up respectively, follows each interview. You'll also find reviews of releases by Ministry, Dream Into Dust, Eric Alexandrakos and Written In Ashes. Admittedly, the music is a bit low-brow this month, but I think you'll find that the interviews I've mentioned are quality articles.

So onward you go kiddies….

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