REVIEW: Eric Alexandrakis - "I.V. Catatonia"

By Mike Ventarola

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I.V. CatatoniaI.V. Catatonia is not for the nervous. It was developed in the mind of the young artist during a period when he was being treated for Hodgkin's disease. If you have never been in a hospital as a patient for an extensive stay, the sounds from this record will be alien to you. For those who have had the experience of being poked, prodded and tested at all hours of the day and night, you will comprehend the purge like process by which the artist has created this disc.

Alexandrakis takes snippets of sound and throws them into a full blender of varying sounds and noises to create an experimental cacophony for the avant garde. There are moments of melancholy, medicated delirium, surrealism and temporary insanity which flavors the trauma that one endures when life is at the precipice.

The artist does not negate that he is hooked on all forms of noise in order to find their musical pulse beat equivalent. The collection of sounds caught the ear of former Duran Duran bass player and co-founder, John Taylor, who presented Alexandrakis' first recording, 9 demos on a 4 Track, on his official website,

Despite the oddity behind the recording, one cannot help but notice that there are so many influences at work, from pop to classical, which is evident throughout the various songs. If one is inclined towards more experimental music/noise, go to the artist page and sample some of the tunes.

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