REVIEW: Collusion Inc. - "Hate Campaigns"

By Marcus Pan

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Hate CampaignsGiving up on local bands in 1996, UK duo Andrew J. Howarth and Phil Taylor formed the hybrid act of Collusion, Inc. Pushing a techno/industrial sound and mixing it up greatly with breakbeat and drum 'n bass style rhythms, Collusion Inc. released their debut album, Hate Campaigns, independently. They record and mix in their home studio, "The Fleshing Room," and are building up to kick off their own Collusion Productions label to offer their music to a wider audience.

Produced on a dwindling budget, Hate Campaigns has a gritty, garage sound to it. It's not badly arranged, but there isn't much here that stands out well. Nonetheless the fourth track included here, Reins, has risen to #3 on's Darkwave chart regardless of this. I find Collusion Inc. to deliver decent darkwave/industrial music, but they don't quite stand out. I hear a lot of promise in their work, and Hate Campaigns is a fine debut CD nonetheless. Their skills can only increase from here and maybe in the future Collusion Inc. will be delivering darkwave and industrial music that will become a staple to one's collection.

Friends Like You is probably my favorite track here. Gritty and dirty in makeup and design, the bass line is a rumbling almost bubbling beast beneath the scratching techno riffs. When the guitars come in they don't go right into the standard Ministry style power chords or blaring riffs. Their soloesque and melodic throughout.

Alien, the closing track of Hate Campaigns, opens with an otherworldly feel to its sound, and what sounds almost like Xmas sleigh bells. It breaks into a stronger, less controlled sound with a lot of happening clashing into each other. A little more control might have been nice here. And this is what Andrew, Phil and their part-time drum programmer Paul Joyce, are going to better with experience as they make more music in the future, like their upcoming album tentatively being called Remnants.

Collusion Inc. admittedly have some work to do to provide us with an industrial experience that stands out from the rest of this inundated genre of music. They do show a lot of promise and I feel it's nothing that more experience and honing their skills isn't going to provide so that eventually they're going to demand listening from a wider audience.

Contact Information:
Post: Collusion Inc., C/O Andrew J. Howarth, Flat 5, 100 Chorley New Road, Bolton, Lancs., UK
Phone: +44 (0) 1204 436980

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