REVIEW: Das Ich - "Re_Kapitulation 89-99"

By Sean Hexed

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Re_KapitulationLet me start this review by saying if you are a fan of Das Ich and have every album of theirs, you still need this CD. Granted, like any other "best of" type album, all the tracks are available on other discs and singles. But also, as is the way of "best of" albums, this CD brings all your favorite tracks together in one place.

For those who haven't been fortunate enough to experience Das Ich, short of catching them playing live, Re_Kapitulation is the best possible way to do it. This CD sums up everything that is great about this band. Das Ich is definitely one of the most interesting and strangest industrial-gothic bands around. Of course, now as is the nature of industrial fans, any reading this are gonna' get pissed and shout something like "They're not industrial!" while others just like them will shout, "They're not gothic!" To these people, I say, "Go to their site at" They say industrial-gothic on the site, and so I will as well. And this brings up a good point about Das Ich. They don't really fit any molds. Their music is either on the "electronic/gothic rock" end of the industrial spectrum, or the "industrial/electronic" end of the gothic rock spectrum. And I'll be damned if I can decide which it is from one song to the next. All without losing the cohesiveness of what is their specific sound.

Das Ich is definitely not a "cookie-cutter" type of band in any way. Unlike so much of the indistinguishable industrial or gothic music out there, I don't know of a single band that does it quite like Das Ich. The music has depth and vitality. Bruno Kramm composes and plays all of Das Ich's music in the studio. Live, they are joined by Daniel Galda and Hans Joerg Lorenz. It is impossible not to be swept up in the compelling energy of this music. Das Ich songs range from almost abrasive to almost orchestral, but each and every one of them carries elements of both. Stefan Ackermann's vocals are at times aggressive and at others angst-ridden, and always tormented. Occasionally backed up by Bruno's sensually haunting voice, the vocals of Das Ich weave a perfectly theatrical compliment to the music in every way.

Das IchDas Ich is very much a theatrical band. Their live shows are visual art as well as aural, and this translates right into the music on their albums and even the cover art and liner notes. Of course this makes perfect sense seeing as Bruno not only composes the music but also does all of their artwork for their releases. The artwork of this particular disc showcases just how strange these guys are. A collection of thumbnail shots containing the guys posing and mugging and just generally being freaky, it not only makes one see how weird they are, but also how much fun they must be having doing this. That's another good point about the music of Das Ich. No matter how angsty or tortured the song is, it's always got a certain element of frolic in it. This is very reminiscent of old musical tragedy plays and even the old impressionist silent films. No matter how dark they were, they were also moving and entertaining. And this is definitely true of Das Ich.

Now if only I knew what they were saying.

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