Editor's Notes

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Well, kiddies, it seems I'm somewhat on schedule for this issue. A lot of interesting goings on back here behind the scenes. Like for one, Sue Simpson's rats Magenta and Riff-Raff have given birth to a new litter of pups, and one of them has been named Marcus Pan. Unfortunately there are no pictures of the little bugger as of yet, but I have been assured that he has one great pair of bollocks. Watch your back, Rat Bastard, you're nat the only game in town anymore! Hehe.

Hidden SanctuaryBanabilaAlso, Legends Magazine has a new logo in the works - one that I am very happy with from the test proof I've seen thus far. I have tentatively scheduled that for use on the April issue of Legends, so you'll see it then. Those besides me that have seen the test proofs approve.

Eyes of PandoraNo music interviews this month, but Wilde steps up with a big stick and bats out nearly all the music reviews of this issue. The latest receipts in the office have been another dose of experimental fun from our friends at Tone Casualties with the release of Banabila's VoizNoiz: Urban Sound Scapes and a debut by band Eyes of Pandora which I really enjoy. Mike Ventarola also kicks off his new column this issue: "MP3: The Music Revolution." Mike will be bringing us the latest news from the digital side of music - new bands, latest remixes, tour dates and more. Check outMike Ventarola's Hidden Sanctuary Radio at MP3.com: http://stations.mp3s.com/stations/2/hidden_sanctuary.html.

Also this month a new science fiction piece kicks off - Larry Ayres' "Jamie Reborn." Nicole C.Z. brings us a debut essay with "Back in the Game" and my own fantasy series the "Albinor Chronicles" appears this month with the 34th chapter - by far the longest running fiction series we have debuting in our 4th issue back in February, '91. I also hit the "Off The Shelf" column three times over this month.

So enjoy this issue and I'll see you on the back page!

Marcus Pan
January 20th, 2001

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