REVIEW: Glampire - "Halloween In July"

By Wilde

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GlampireManhattan outfit Glampire consists of, well, Glampire, said individual being a one man supergroup, if that's possible. Based in NY, the G dogg has been doing this stuff since '97, this being the promo for his 6th self released album The Soft White Ghetto. Glampire's a superlative guitarist (comfortable in multiple styles, studied under Robert Fripp) and prolific songwriter (300 tunes and counting); this disc, although not for public consumption, is still a keeper. The album it's promoting is more of the same.

Halloween In July - The lead track on this disc is irreverent, basic goth/glam rock, with lots of goth/glam style guitars and whining vox. It goes into a disco riff briefly late in the track.

Famous Last Words - This starts out with a bit of chamber music bombast, then adds tribal drums and guitar. FLW has a strong Cure/Jane's Addiction vibe.

Painfully Aware (Lazy Summer Version) - There's almost a Neil Young feel to this one initially, with acoustic-sounding guitars for a bit, then into the vox. This track has a combination late 60s/early 90s feel to it, almost folk rock but a mite too edgy. It's a little bit like a more emphatic version of, say, the Lemonheads or Dinosaur Jr. There's a bit later in the track with a Jane's Addiction feel, but it's brief.

Kinda I Want To (Politix Mix) - This is a severely funked up cover of the NIN track. It alternates between Shaft-style superfunk and Meat Puppetsesque ethereal oddity. Very weird. The extended guitar noodling here shows the man's skill, though.

Glamuween (UR Fuct Remix) - This is a disco improvisation on the "Halloween In July" theme, with periodic "You're Fucked" samples. Gratuitous, but entertaining.

Overall, a skilled, silly, bombastic, and quite entertaining release. It's very light on the angst, heavy on the music. Check it out if you get a chance.

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Post: MuseSick Productions, 511 Avenue of the Americas, Box 133, New York, NY 10011-8436
Phone: 212-971-1005

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