The Albinor Chronicles - Chapter 34 - "Whisperlane Goes Berserk"

By Marcus Pan

Chain Border

September 8, 009

"I'll be checking out of Alfeim City for a while, knight. As a matter of fact, I may be checking out of Alfeim itself for a while." The voice resonated from the jaw of an unshaven yet once powerful man. The guard looked at him closely and at his call three others came near.

"I'm afraid that's not possible, m'lord Whisperlane." The high elf stood in amazement.

"What do you mean 'tis not possible, soldier? I am Geran Whisperlane of Alfeim. If I wish to leave, I shall leave. What orders can thou possible uphold in my stead?"

"Well, m'lord," the knight nearly choked. "You are to be taken captive and escorted to Lanksa where you are to be sentenced for debting, m'lord."

"Debting?! I am a lord of Alfeim! I am a hero of Lanksa!"

"I beg your pardon, Swashbuckler Whisperlane, but a lord you no longer are. The people of Lanksa want the man who owes them over 4000 in plats. You are to be subjected to the same penalties as the populace. I am going to ask for you to come quietly with my three brethren I have summoned to be escorted back to Lanksa for trial."

"Trial? This is an outrage, soldier."

"'Tis an outrage you must pardon and partake of, m'lord. There is naught I can do to pardon an out..." The knight's sentence was cut short by the blood that welled up his throat as Geran's dagger plunged deeply into his chest. Quick as lightning was the elven Geran, and the soldier could do no more but slump over the gate's guard counter as Geran removed a blood stained hand from the hilt of the dagger. As he drew his elven made blade, the other three knights who stood close by retaliated with the same. Two went around the counter to block the gate that lead from Alfeim City as their third comrade transgressed the counter to battle.

"I will not be a prisoner of a country which I served with all my might." rasped Geran as the guard closed upon him.

"Nay. You will be prisoner of a country you betrayed, Whisperlane. A prisoner of the town you plundered from within and sent spiraling into a depression so severe even you couldn't climb out." came the guards reply as he swung valiantly with his longsword. Barely did Geran catch that sword on his own. They faced each other closely until Geran's booted foot took the guard by surprise. During the stunning effect of his surprise blow, the swashbuckler smashed the edge of his blade to his back as he was hunched over. To his knees the knight fell and from there a similar blow found him face first on the cobblestones of Alfeim City. The two other guards rushed.

Blades clashed against his armor as Whisperlane attempted to spiral through the onslaught of steel. Drops of blood could be seen running down the sleek, shining surface of the plates he wore. The two rushed him again, but this time Whisperlane was not only ready, he was enraged. Something in the man's mind snapped.

Since childhood he had a good life. Always was he provided for. Upon coming of age, it was not long before he began the wardenship of Lanksa under the title of Hero Geran Whisperlane. He was provided, as he was used to, a home, food and all that he needed. Now he could not afford to buy a decent meal at a restaurant. Nay, once he left the walls of this city he could not even afford to visit another city hidden behind walls of any land. He could not even afford the toll to pass through any city gate in Albinor.

Geran moved swiftly. Two blows fell upon one knight as they passed yet again. He was felled as the other rained the swashbuckler with hits. The last man stood only shortly thereafter. Like the wind he ran from the city. Not even taking the roads, he delved into the dark forest which encompasses all of Alfeim.

Geran Whisperlane was not the same. A crazed look t'was in his eyes from this day. The pressures of luxury to poverty had hurt him in mind and spirit. His mind, most of all, was gravely damaged...this was not the Geran Whisperlane whom all of Alfeim had known. This was a new Geran Whisperlane...a ruthless one.

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