Editor's Notes

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Hello kids. I'm kicking off this issue's production a bit early this month, and as a result a few things might have bumped around a tad. The reason why I kicked it off early is because first, the dayjob just dumped on me a load of stuff at once and I'm digging out (which will include one all nighter this week and one next week). Also, the issue, judging by the content index, suddenly jumped in size - all columns came in. Mike Ventarola brings us his second installment of MP3: Music Revolution this month and Rev. Daryl Litts turns in The Sermon of Judgment with a take on some releases you've seen reviewed in the past in Legends with his usual charm. The Mean Little Man of course appears (he has to stick his points into everything) with one of his best subjects yet in The Delicate Etiquette of the Slam Dance. Also, DJ Macross of In Perpetual Motion fame (at www.gothicindustrial.com!) brings us another quick review list with the first, and hopefully not last, At A Glance column.

Because of all that, I kicked off a bit early. Production was originally scheduled for February 23. So without further adieu, I'm going to announce this month's sponsors and say thank you very much to them, and let you at it.

This month's issue of Legends Magazine is sponsored in part by Coven 13 (www.coven13.com), Midnight Syndicate (www.entityprod.com/) and Fierce Culture (www.fierceculture.com). Thanks everyone for helping us grow!

Marcus Pan
February 21, 2001

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