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Everything new at IPM Radio for 01-15-2001 to 02-15-2001

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Diverje - On Skin
DSBP records -

The gregarious and outspoken Tommy T is a man of many hats, and with the latest release of his personal electronic music project Diverje, it is my pleasure to report that he and his cohorts have grown into the band hat nicely. Diverje has matured into a cohesive musical unit, and On Skin is a hard hitting and energetic release they can be proud of. Driving beats, angsty lyrics, and all the intense bells, whistles and distortions found in quality modern EBM music greets the ears and moves the feet. Highly recommended.

Electromagnetic III - Compilation
Memento Materia -

Volume 3 of the Memento Materia label sampler compilations. A variety of musical genres are represented on this compilation. A well packaged introduction to the MM's diverse offerings such as the wonderful female fronted Sadovaja, Iberian Spleen and a host of others as well as cameo tracks from well known synthpop artists Mesh and Nasa. For long time fans and those new the artists on MM, this compilation is worth the money. I haven't found a single track I don't like. Recommended.

Iberian Spleen - Drama 'n' Bass
Memento Materia -

A full length release from Iberiam Spleen - and a welcome electronic dance album to the IPM studio. The tempos vary as do the presence of vocals, and this is a good thing. Plenty of different industrial styles and samples to keep the album interesting throughout. The music is tight and very danceable, without being monotonous. I would especially recommend this album to club DJs and dance fanatics.

Fiendflug - Sterbehilfe EP
Black Rain -

The first word that comes to mind is DARK. An ominous mechanical landscape kind of dark. This is German industrial electronica all the way to the black smoldering core. Beat synthetics reminiscent of wumpscut, lots of samples and lyrical content in German for all you purists. Nothing amazing and new on this album, but a good release none the less.

DavaNtage - Broken Influences
Black Rain -

Another dance industrial release from Black Rain. Not as foreboding as Fiendflug, but definitely another full on electronic assault. Many of the tracks sound vaguely like things I've heard before, so don't expect any ground breaking avant guard tracks. What you can expect is another solid well put together industrial release from Black Rain. Lyrics in English so the great unwashed masses like myself can sing along, though dancing to many of the tracks might prove difficult.

The Mystic Underground - Six EP
Evergreen Meadow Music -

An independent synthpop oriented release that's really not too bad for the first 60 seconds in the CD player. Then the vocalists starts screeching and the whole thing goes to shit. The backup vocalists are great on this album, and the keyboards and rhythms aren't bad either. The lead vocals are like a cat being abused, and after listening to the entire CD I feel abused too. Not recommended.

Esoteric - Soma
Mechlab Records -

Breaking from the more hard edged garage industrial sound found on past Mechlab Records releases, Esotric sneaks in the dark synth door and delivers its message : Mechlab artists are coming of age. Each track is different, some soft, some hard, a riff from an electric guitar one moment, a soothing mellow song of sorrow the next and a dance oriented synthbeat after that - if variety is the spice of life, Esoteric's Soma brings a lot more to the table than just salt and pepper.

Twisted Pair - Old and the New...It's inside you
Self-released -

Manson spawned a new generation of shock rockers and Twisted Pair were part of that brood. Nothing new here. The usual juxtaposition of growly bedroom voice chanting with the high pitched frantic screaming throughout each track. If the Marilyn Manson sound is your bag, then Twisted Pair will appeal to you. There's nothing technically wrong with the album, but there's nothing shocking and original either.

Faction of Hate - The Revolution is Inside My Machine
Wire.God.Records -

This CD begins with an appropriate sample from some sci-fi movie or another, and launches into a mellow synthpop esque tune that echoes of the sounds in Video Killed the Radio Star. The Obligatory Bladerunner and 2001 Space Odyssey samples are all here as well. A danceable back beat and plenty of electrons are arranged and re-arranged throughout, the synth dance giving way to ambient soundscapes by the album's end. The movie clips introduce the songs and set the tone for the album's various moods. Definitely worth a listen or two, and hopefully indicative of what a full release will sound like.

Orchards & Vines - Tomorrow's Yesterday
self-released -

A Debut album from Orchards & Vines. The first words that come to mind to describe the sound are 'Light gothic rock.' The music is upbeat, and reminds me of CURVE or BELLY. Strong female vocals, liberal use of panning distortion to add voluminous space to the sound over all, and ample guitar. Highly listenable and no slow sleepy goth trappings. I'll be playing this one on the show regularly for sure.

Lycia - Compilation of Appearences Vol. 1
Projekt Records -

Various collected works of Lycia from the early 90's including the side project DUST. A good album for fans of Lycia and Projekt records in general. Dark, minimal at times and everything you've come to love about the gothic genre of music, with a title indicating there will be plenty more to come.

The Machine In The Garden - Out of the Mists
Middle Pillar Presents -

One aspect of The Machine In The Garden that always carries through every one of their albums is the ability to create big soundscapes. Out of the Mists is no exception. The album begins almost like a soundtrack from an epic tale of human spirit conquering adversity. The listener is then treated to the angelically haunting vocals of Summer Bowman and mournful laments of Roger Frace. The tempo and instrumentation vary from track to track, enough to keep the album from getting repetitive without destroying it's continuity. As always, a stirringly beautiful product. Recommended.

Cosmicity - Resynthesized
A Different Drum -

Another fantastic release in an awesome array of music from Detroit's own Cosmicity. Mark has put out 11 albums since 1994, and this double CD set of remixes and rare tracks holds true to the detail and precision fans have come to expect. It is my opinion that Cosmicity is one of the defining artists of the synthpop genre today. This release presents 22 tracks spanning the length of the project's life and is highly recommended to old and new fans alike.

Various Artists - Too Good For Radio
A Different Drum -

Todd Durrant, the man at the helm of the A Different Drum label has an ear for great music. To date, there has not been a single compilation from ADD that I haven't absolutely loved. Too Good For Radio is a double CD collection of wonderful synthpop from all over the world, and like previous comps, I LOVE IT. Well known bands like IRIS and NEUROACTIVE as well as lesser known bands like BLISS BABY and ALIEN#SIX 13 are featured on this collection. As with all ADD comps, this one is an EXCELLENT value for the money, and a first rate introduction for new Synthpop fans.

Tanzwut - Labyrinth Der Sinne

Let me paint an audio picture for you: Dark electro beats, angry industrial guitars, angsty German lyrics, synth keys and - are you ready for this? - BAGPIPES. Yes, I wrote bagpipes. Take those elements and combine them in your head and you have the absolutely monumental sound that is TANZWUT. My favorite track on this album actually uses ODE TO JOY as its chorus, performed on the bagpipes with orchestral accompaniment. It's absolutely breathtaking. The bad news - you can't find this album in North America, so it's going to cost you some bucks til they get US Distribution. It's worth the added change though. The 5 members of TANZWUT have some serious talent.

Moon Rock - Promo
P&C Lunar Entertainment 2001 -

Moon Rock presents the listener with good EBM-influenced synthpop. The usual synth sounds are present, backed up by a harder edge. It's a combination that works. Classic synth vocal treatments and highly danceable beats. This is a new project and I'm looking forward to the release of the full album, and you should to.

Ganymede - Neon Rain
9th Wave Records -

Neon Rain is a 5 track EP release featuring 3 remixes of Neon Rain and 2 other tracks which will appear on a new full length release in the near future. Very upbeat and bouncy with a lot of sounds that could be described as beepy moog-esque creations, Ganymede continues to mature and improve. I liked their debut album After The Fall, but I like Neon Rain a whole lot more. Expect big things from Ganymede in the future and don't hesitate to add them to your synthpop shopping list in the present.

Zakas - Shunk Daddy Grind
MCC Music -

Zakas is WEIRD. I can't put my finger on what this band is supposed to be about. The presskit mentions something about an industrial anime soundtrack. One thing is certain - no two tracks on this CD are alike. Some are really neat landscapes with very original use of vocals and uncommon instruments, others are outright shitty basement industrial. Heavy PINK FLOYD influences and variety. If you are into experimental, this album is for you. I recommend just skipping the first track entirely however.

The Pain Machinery - :Terminate Transmission

Very loud industrial noise straight from the heart of Sweden. A sound like the every mechanical thing in Stockholm suddenly decided to rebel. Unlike a lot of powernoise which in my opinion is complete garbage, TPM's tunes actually have tempo, melody and other elements of traditional music to them - often sounding like work from MINISTRY's Land of Rape and Honey / Twitch era. Anders Karlson is currently distributing his work for free (He forgot to include a website, however.), an added bonus. Worth checking out.

Kuroi Mori - Dawning
Tone Casualties -

Beat driven experimental electronic funk jazz with a hint of J-pop. That's as close as I've come to finding a way to accurately describe Artist Hiroki Furutani's work in this release. Tone Casualties is known for picking up artists who color outside the lines and in doing so create wildly fresh results. Dawning does just that - it's electronica without the usual hang ups of the genre. It's soothing without being boring. Loungy with out the bad polyester. Definitely worth investigating for fans of relaxed dub and martini stuff.

The Flying Dutchmen - Trip to the Core
Tone Casualties -

Accompanying the Kuroi Mori album in this month's offerings from Tone Casualties is this album from The Flying Dutchman. Another beat-driven piece, focusing more on dark aesthetic than funky pop. A very neat album with a wide variety of percussion elements. Also very laid back. Not sleepy, just easy going. I'm particularly fond of track 7, entitled Strange Planets. The echoey female vocals are a good addition to this very complex song. Another disc worth checking into.

Bent With Light - Love U 4 Ever
Exoteque Music -

This is the 5th release from Bent With Light that I've had the privilege of receiving in the course of about a year, and like it's predecessors, it's an eclectic combination of genres and musical elements. Stevie is a prime example of today's independent artist doing what he wants how he wants and when he wants, the industry be damned. Musical influences on this release include electronica, industrial, techno, experimental noise… the list is probably endless. In addition to his music, Stevie also creates visual art with various materials, often including originals or reproductions in the packaging of his CDs. Pretty damn cool.

Basque - Falling Forward
Basque Music -

A guy, A girl, some instruments and a whole lot of goth. This album is 100% dark, somber straight outta the morgue gothic lovin. While not an album to mosh to, it's an album worth listening to. I would highly recommend that Projekt take a look at these two. Bask in the lush vocals and dark chords of Basque. Way good after a rough day.

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