MP3: The Music Revolution

By Mike Ventarola

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This month has been awash with tons of musical news, info and tidbits.

Projekt Records just released Lycia's Compilation Appearances Vol 1:The Arizona Years which made its debut on January 30th.

Tara has also been busy lending her vocals to numerous artist's such as Numina's soon to be released track entitled Pearl, ( as well as on Falling You's recently released track Nine ( Falling You also incorporated Dru's (This Ascension) vocals and lyrics to the track Something About Eve which is enchanting.

Attrition has totally revamped their website which includes secure online credit card ordering at, reviews added for all the albums, new photos, and expanded history section, new guest book, FREE downloadable PC only animated/audio screensaver! Also be on the lookout for a series of re-issues of hard to find albums, including The Hidden Agenda and Ephemera, being released for the first time in the USA, due sometime this spring!

Attrition's confirmed live shows for 2001

Saturday February 17th… MARSEILLE, France
Le Poste à Galène, 103 Rue
FERRARI, 13005

Saturday April 28th…. Whitby Gothic Weekend 8.0, England

Sunday July 29th… Bolkow, Poland
Castle Party Festival

Monday July 30th… Berlin, Germany

Due to the success of the new merchandise pages (, they have added new monthly special offers and are busy adding the complete catalog of Projekt and some of the other labels they are working with.

Mors Syphilitica has 2 new DAM CD's on their MP3 page. The band graciously extends thanks to Dru from This Ascension for all of her assistance with uploading & ripping to get this project going. The DAM CD's are EPs from their two previous releases, the self-titled Mors Syphilitica (1996) & Primrose (1998). Since these full CD's are just about out of print, this is a great way to introduce the band to new fans more readily. Also, the official band site has been updated with news and lyrics.

Negotiations are under way for distribution for the new CD entitled Feather and Fate, which inside sources claim is their best work yet.

I said HAUJOBB not Hand job!

Daniel Meyer of Haujobb and Victoria Lloyd of Claire Voyant have teamed up for a side project HMB. The full CD release of intense dance industrial cuts is slated for a March 1. I had the pleasure of sampling this disc and can tell this one will be burning the floors for quite some time. A couple of teaser tracks are on Mp3 already at

ATP have been busy working on a soundtrack for a film by famed cult director of the anime Nirasawa. The film and soundtrack is slated for an eventual North American release after the Japanese premier 2/28. (

Mark Splatter from invited Margot Day's The Plague to contribute a track for a compilation that will include oldschool deathrock re-releases, and the newest that the deathrock scene has to offer, to show without a doubt the scene is still strong.

Bands featured are said to be from Washington to LA to New York and all the places in-between. Splatter's goal is to fill the CD with as much as a CD can hold.

Keep the eyes peeled to Deathrock Records for more information.

Margot also appears on the latest double-CD compilation called Pagan Love Songs - Volume One. This double CD is a compilation to a regular monthly cult-club-event in Germany's most famous sinister venue, the Zwischenfall in Bochum. The compilation strives for combining all the old classics, rare items and some of the brand new stuff, which are said to be taking over their dance floors! Released by the German Goth-label Schwarzrock (a division of Alice Inc.) and it will be distributed by SPV.

Fiction 8 can certainly declare their days as Chaotica! Their newest release of the same name has been selling so well that folks in the Denver metro area are having a hard time getting their hands on a copy! You can still find copies available at the usual on-line haunts (, (, ( as well as directly from their esteemed label

Fiction 8 is also on the recent compilation Cryonica Tanz vol. 1, a great 2 disc set from the UK. It includes an edit of their song It's Over Now as well as an F8 remix of a new AÏBOFORCEN track. Also on the comp are the likes of Razed in Black, Inertia, Assemblage 23, Attrition, Hexedene and many more! If you have trouble finding it, order online directly from

If you want to lurk into the mind of the F8 band members you can always take a peak at a few of the latest interviews they have had at (a German e-zine, though the interview was done with a writer here in the States. It features a REALLY old band picture but is a pretty good interview just the same. Also, an interview with band creator Mike Smith at MP3s available at

Many were first exposed to the Spiritual Bats with their song inclusion Crucifixion on the Cleopatra compilation, The Unquiet Grave Vol. 1.

However many were not aware that the early days of the Spiritual Bats were fraught with major dissention and abuse by members of their local churches in Italy. It seems that an inflammatory article appeared in a local newspaper in which certain people, whose accurate physical descriptions fit Dario's and other Spiritual Bats' and Alchemisti Painters', were accused of being satanic and of engaging in ambiguous behavior, due to the fact that they liked to go for walks and to listen to the sounds of bats near ancient castles or other suggestive sites at night.

The descriptions alone were enough to identify the only 'alternative' looking people in the area at that time. This created unnecessary persecution towards hard working artists who have always kept day jobs, such as teaching, so as not to accept compromises in order to sell their art. These alleged religious folks targeted this group, often shouting curses as they threw rocks and bottles at them whenever they walked down the street, making their lives a living hell! Finally, The Alchemisti, a group comprised of highly skilled painters and artists wrote a counter article and demanded to have it published by the same newspaper.

After the appearance of the counter article in the newspaper, only then did this group begin to live in any semblance of peace.

The Blessed Virgin Larry seems to be garnering their share of website publicity and favorable reviews.,1437,g184r0l0t0o0i0,FF.html,1437,g51r36l0t0o0i0,FF.html

British bad boys JackieOnAssid are also getting over 400 hits a day at who have done some heavy features, assisting with the continued fan base development. It seems the favorite tracks of choice at present are Company Car and Cool Subterraneans.

Pulsar Bleu continues to be amazed at the attention garnered for his music that sensuously pays homage to all things of the night realm. This humble artist most recently had an interview feature on the international TV station "Deutsche Welle TV" from Berlin. It's a multi-language TV station mostly for Germans living in other countries. This station reaches about 600 million people worldwide. Pulsar Bleu's most recent project, Carpe Noctem, is a tribute to the Goths who have helped to make his music so popular. Ironically, the song includes German dialogue for the first time that is adapted from Goethe's "Faust." German fans have written to the artist that it is the first time they understand the vocals in his music.

A new Goth clothing site has emerged from the UK. Dress Me In Shadows have used / nearly new Gothic Clothing & Accessories at greatly reduced prices. Most items are under £10 - £15. The stock is changing all the time, so the shopkeepers recommend repeat visits.

Collide has been burning up the MP3 wires since they added more songs to their page and created a DAM CD retrospective of their work. Once you have sampled this band's work, you can't help but fall instantly in love with their sensuous dark wave/electronic style. They have also uploaded the video for Son of a Preacher Man, which you can view from their page as well.

In addition to Collide's work, Statik, the male half of the duo, has been working with other bands, contributing a sense of electronic style to their sound. As of late, he has been working with the band Tool for a track on an album slated for an April release. Previously, he worked with Tool on Disgustipated featured on Undertow as well as with Sylvia Massey from the group Insolence.

Carol Tatum has been delighting literally hundreds of thousands of music lovers with her blend of medieval music and proficient harp playing. Just recently, Tatum completed a version of Metallica's song, Nothing Else Matters, augmented for the Harp. Have a listen!

Hot industrial artists GITM continue to create remix projects for some luminary artists in the underground. Their latest work includes a killer mix of Wicked and Wize by Margot Day and a few additional tracks from the incorrigible JackieOnAssid.

Speaking of JackieOnAssid, check out The World According to Jackie Part 2. JackieOnAssid is now live on

Go to

The Machine in the Garden and Tri-State Killing Spree have uploaded new songs specifically for the Valentine's holiday, available at:

Midnight Syndicate has joined the foray of artists on and recently added more songs to their site. Many are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their latest release Gates of Delirium slated for a March 2001 release. The CD takes us on an excursion to the nightmarish asylums we have only read about in horror novels. Watch for a 2-song premier from the new CD on on or about 2/28.

Patrick from Dancing Ferret Discs DJ's at NOIR, the newest weekly event! . For more information, go to

The latest Unquiet Grave Volume 3 from Cleopatra is in the pressing plant, which once again features a group of great bands. More info to follow.

Convergence Information:

"Continental Airlines is offering Convergence 7 goers a discount. How to obtain this information will be available through newsgroup and E-List announcements by Monday, February 5th.

Information on the official hotel, and how to obtain the highly discounted Convergence 7 rate, will be available through newsgroup and E-List announcements by Monday, February 12th.

Merchant Bazaar space will be finalized when the hotel contracts are signed. At that time we will determine space availability and costs for potential merchants. We will be sending out an announcement via newsgroups, E-Lists and email addresses compiled from the number of inquiries we have received thus far. This announcement will be released by Saturday, February 17th.

All of this information will be presented on the C7 website, new info pages to be unveiled by Monday, February 19th.

We will be sending these announcements to the various alt.gothic* groups, local E-Lists and through our Convergence 7 Announcement E-List. You can subscribe by sending an email to with "subscribe c7_announcements" as the entire body. The entirety of the command "subscribe c7_announcements" must be on the same line. Remember to turn on plain text email if your email program defaults to HTML formatting in messages."

Gothcon 2001 MUSIC FESTIVAL New Orleans March 16 - 18.

Submissions for Gothcon 2002
Know of any Musicians, and any others Guests who might be interested in submitting Press Kits and Marketing Ad details for gothcon 2002? Please send them to

GothCon 2002 Is Now Taking Submissions.

GothCon Is A Benefit To Aid Those Who Are Suffering From HIV Or AIDS. To help with this worthy cause, please submit your bands/guests press kit to this address: Seraphim Productions Inc c/o GothCon 2002 911 N Hennessey St New Orleans LA 70119 Your Press Kit Must Include A Bio On Your Band/Guest, A Demo (Bands Only) And What The Band/Guest Requires To Play at GothCon 2002.

Updates up to the QRD zine site & redesign isn't totally finished yet, but there's lots of interviews for you to read in the archives & thieves sections with people like Michael Gira, Jarboe, Lycia, Aarktica, Six by Seven, & Low.

SYNTHOLOGY 101 with DJ DINO Straight from the streets of South Beach, Florida...


You can tune in by logging on to THE WOMB The Womb - Intro You must have the FLASH program and RealPlayer to both see and hear the show.

Wave Gotik Treffen

Location.: Leipzig / GERMANY
Date: 1st - 4th June 2001

Email to: for subscription to the INMOVE newsletter.

You'll then receive news about many euro-goth/industrial festivals including;





Thanks to Peter - Jan Van Damme from Darker Than the Bat for this info:

Hot Topic Sampler Part 3
Hot Topic 2001 will hit stores shelves on February 19, 2001. This is an ongoing series of budget compilations exclusive to Hot Topic retail stores.

Tracklisting: Velvet Acid Christ - Lysergia
Ravenous - Between the Worlds
Die Form - Resonant Magnetic Source
Suicide Commando - Bodycount Proceed
Icon of Coil - Regret
Juno Reactor - Masters of the Universe
Rheas Obsession - Memento Mori
Mesh - I Fall Over
Claire Voyant - Love the Giver Eskil RMX
Decoded Feedback - Atlantis
Sophya - Pale Blue Moon

Tri-State Killing Spree have been startling music listeners the world over. It seems their name brings images of a really heavy metal band, when in fact they are a smooth and sensual goth band with The Cure like overtones. It's been a busy year for the group who will be featured in the upcoming The Unquiet Grave Vol 3 CD as well as an 80's tribute album sponsoring Tori Amos' RAINN foundation. Their cover of the Cyndi Lauper song, Time After Time, was chosen for this appearance. You will even find their appearance on the Transcendence: A Dark Culture Sampler (Doppler Effect) which one reviewer declared, "The standout track is easily from Tri-State Killing Spree's emotional Chance, a beautiful blend of gothic and ethereal…"

ONEIROID PSYCHOSIS: Recently, I had the opportunity to fly to Madison, WI and hear the completed 4th album from Oneiroid Psychosis, dreams (with pollutions when virile), right in the Psychosis Studios. It is so intense, my hands actually went numb! The ultimate dark film score. Somewhat similar to their previous material, but miles beyond in so many ways. They definitely have matured even more and found their true sound. So, the music is complete and artwork is being finished up by the same extremely talented artist who has designed all of OP's artwork, Paul Nitsche. Look for this release sometime in March. We will keep everyone posted.

FICTION 8 Catch them at a live appearance, Friday February 16th, at Rock Island in Denver. Or wait until Summer for Fiction 8's East Coast tour... (I am!) :)

And, don't forget to order the new Chaotica CD if you haven't picked up your copy. It's getting a lot of attention! It's being called a "must have" album of infectious dark pop/dance. Don't forget, you can always order via credit card directly from our site:

Fiction 8 is on a new European double CD comp called Cryonica Tanz vol. 1 with the song It's Over Now, as well as an F8 remix of a new AÏBOFORCEN track. You can order it online directly from

And it looks like Fiction 8 will sign with a European label in the near future!

THE AZOIC: They are finishing more new songs for their upcoming 3rd release and are hoping for an April release. They are excited by the dancier direction and have new remixes from Assemblage 23, Flesh Field, God Module, Dubok, Fiction 8, Oneiroid Psychosis, Signal 12, Manhole Vortex, Dave Scott, and Sunless. You can still help them name the new CD which reflects change. Just send any titles to with "CD title" in the subject. There are no limits to number of entries.

The Azoic's dance hit Progression (from the V/A-Resistor comp) will appear on 2 upcoming European compilations. Side-Line Magazine's Venusa XX double CD featuring female vocals and an ASSEMBLAGE 23 [dirge] mix of Progression on Accession Records' upcoming 5 year anniversary comp, Accession Records Volume One, due out at the end of March.

DISSONANCE: While out in Madison, WI visiting OP, I had the pleasure of meeting Cat Hall from Dissonance and hearing new versions of songs from their demo CD, plus a few new songs. David Sebrind, the other half of Dissonance, put his heart into these remixed versions (and everything he does.) I can't wait to hear what they will do next...

Terebelam on Canadian radio!

Those darkly clad creatures of the night from Terebelam have been wasting no time during the daylight hours. They were recently featured and interviewed for an hour on CKUM 95.9 FM from Winnepeg Manitoba Canada. The show went so well that they have been invited back for 2/24.

The band is in the process of finishing upcoming video releases for their songs Black & Blue and Vampire Sight.

A concert appearance is scheduled at the Black Rose Goth Social immediately following the premier of their video's that are said to be slated with tons of special effects.

Check their web page for more details!

Coven 13 is in the ULTIMATE band competition: BandWars Battle Royale!!! A 3 week competition between all previous champions of BandWars - 16 bands all together. Over $3,500 in prizes will be given away to the participants, runner-ups and winner!

Listen to the track...Vote for the best band!

Carnival Ride by COVEN 13

Pulsar Bleu is in the spotlight once again as Free Form Records from Hamburg, Germany will be placing the song Relieve from The Jupiter Project onto their compilation entitled Cafe Abstrait Vol.2. As of March 2001, the wonderous talent of Pulsar Bleu will finally be available in regular record stores. For more information about Cafe Abstrait Vol. 2:,

Abney Park continues to blow the competition out of the water. Their latest release is a cover of Radiohead's tune, Creep. Anyone who ever thought unsigned artists couldn't pull off a hit are in for a pleasant surprise when they discover this tune outdoes the original by leaps and bounds!

Well, that's it for this month, and what a busy month it has been. Keep the information coming in so we can report it right here, all for you!

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