REVIEW: SpaceScape - "Galactic Grooves"

By Henry G. Angeles

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Galactic GroovesThis CD isn't a liar! For it will "cause your head to move back and forth and your body to groove in a dance-like fashion." Oh well! Did I almost say everything? Before I go deep down into the melodies of these digital tracks, let me say something first about the cover. The cover's a bit amusing, yes it is. Some more vibrant striking colors could be used to highlight the text and the robot. This 5-track's remixes and grooves will prove to every danceable surface that this is worth every gravitational pump. So come on, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a trip through a groovy galaxy.

1. "Subsonic"
This track appears to be the super-futuristic music of an android thrown into a circle of chaos. This lengthy remix which runs for 6:04 features up and down series of rhythms: uptempo electros to midtempos and vice versa variations. This pictures a scenario of planetary power convergence with a backdrop of 70 million spaceships battling with each other as a robot stands in the center, twisting and tossing everyone with the "SUBSONIC" mechanical voice...which goes "WAH-WAH-WAH" over and over. There's a climax or highlight beat which occurs at the ticking of the CD timer to around the 3rd minute of track length time. Quite a body-mover. The main beats focus on electro-bass (allow me to introduce this personal term) "lunar gas sounds," like when satellite craters start to emit colored gases in a clean and cute fashion. I really don't know how lunar gas emmisions sound like, but anyway, that's how imagination works with this track.

2. "God Help Us!"
This track poses a semi-variation to the first one. This has interesting female androidal vox, and of course of male audio-tech creatures. This one is ultra-hand-snappin at the beginning then mega-dancer at the end and in betweens. So this one's a certified body-ticker. It features a high-beat, energized rhythmic pattern. The ambiance clearly justifies the title "God Help Us!" which suggests an ER - maybe another kind of a satellite station explosion, and then commotion happens along. This one could be a potential radio heavy pick.

3. "We Are Robotized"
This one's musically appealing for bloomers, teens to 20s - 30s I think, mostly for Euro-electro lovers. This has a touch, a dash and a pinch of European bass technique. Likewise, melting along with Euro club pop sound and the gigantic beat library of digital music. This one builds funk and hip, while the beats deliver cool synchronicity along with the contagious "We Are Robotized" vocals.

4. "Galactic Grooves"
A lighter, bassy track. Sweet happy space beat. Might as well have picked up a bit of Fat Boy Slim influence and Brit roots, as well as other elec-club leaders. This one's having the same title of the album could prove a massive attention for dance and groove. The game starts with the galactic groove. No hype about that.

5. "Musik Elektronik"
Combining 80's new-wave pop beats for a handsome, hippy and stylistic track. This provides an ambiance of electro soul and a trancey feel. The "E-lektronik" vox wasn't placed in high sync with the main ground sound, but it's still appealing for the remix. I wish I could have a chance to listen to the original track. This one leaves a smooth rattling in the ears and will leave you feeling a strong body-ticker sensation. Dancing is not a choice, it's a natural impulse for this track. The shortness of its length compared to the 4 previous ones makes it a great entry for mainstream listening.

The whole CD carries a rather more masculine sense of electromusic while still happy, funky and hip. It is appealing to the senses, and would give a delicious stop-over for a long, long tiring journey of typical and conventional bass and compu sounds. A bit aggressive in characteristics and shows distinct taste on conceptual arrangements of melodies and rhythms. It has a bit harder and complex state of sounds but still, ear-favorable.

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