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Alright kiddies, with how late we're running and because I don't feel like laying out onto another page, we're going to close this month's issue with a few less pages than last. Here's a glimpse at what to expect next month.

The continuing story of Disoriented by Eric L. Busby and more illustrations by Lee Alverson adorning it. Also, more from Sue Simpson and a return by timly grae next month in fiction.

In music, interviews with both AutoCad / Pantheist Audio and Scarlet Life. Reviews of same as well as such names as Gebrauche-Musik, Adfinem, Nine Inch Nails, Terebelam, Collide and more.

In book reviews, The Mists of Avalon and Slide get jumped on.

And a buncha other stuffs. So see 'ya next month kiddies.

Marcus Pan
March 31, 2001 @ 12:19AM

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