REVIEW: Anguish In Exile - "Abandoned"

By Henry G Angeles

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AbandonedTerror and chaos. These are two words which best describe Anguish in Exile's latest craft Abandoned. These words also would serve as your very passport for a journey of a thousand and one crying beats. Close yourself. Close the active mind and then start feeling the rage, grief and pain. Now you're ready to explore your flaming sensibility and give yourself a momentarily intrusion to sanity. Here we go for a quick tour.

As a brief guide, AiE began in 1997 with Keo (former Childman member) and Big Mike. The line-up with a guitarist hasn't been completely enjoyed and stable until in 1999 when Trey filled in the slot. A new industrial outfit was then born. With Slayer, Ministry and Godflesh as a few of their musical gods, they have creatively delivered a unique execution of their own. AiE has been in heavy rotation on independent stations in Australia, Lithuania, France, UK and the US. Having also found a good start of confident ground in international indie magazines and webzines, their promising sounds posing for more and better gigs each year. Welcome to Abandoned, their debut wonder.

Armed with the hypnotic and attention-calling intro beats, Personal Demons dishes out a full-powered cry out of reality. The loud, excited and dolorous utterance of Keo's anguish makes this track a grand entrance for a human-suffering visionary. We have to stay a while on Away From Me. The powerful enhancement by layers of radical influences and aggressive beats boast this one as a potential contender for action-chase or psycho-suspense soundtrack material. It has the move and the appeal. At the end, it still hasn't lost its vibrant horrifying ambiance.

We're passing by the tracks of emotionally talkative & chaotic To End it All and the ruins of I Despise. The last one has captured a revealing face of post-war scenarios. Dubbed with electronica rituals, it creates a tempting nightmare dance and slamming. While wandering around, you'll notice strange shots of screams from movie-talkies, scenes and of women. They were creatively risen from their death to join.

This album which Keo, Trey and Big Mike had built together displays a luscious electrodeath musical experience. It just says that terror and chaos are not totally them after all. That pain, hate and sorry are not the same bitterness as they taste. From the music, a distinctly different and happy nirvana can also be found. Buy the Abandoned CD through Cactus Music and Sound Exchange in Houston,TX. Also available online at CDBABY.COM and the Anguish In Exile website.

Contact Information:
Post: Skin Puppet Records, 9607 Aguila, Houston, TX, 77013
Phone: (713) 669-0760

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