REVIEW: ATP - "Deranged Angel"

By Henry G Angeles

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Deranged AngelFirstly, ATP surely took my attention by its band title which drove me all the way to connect the main ATP term to its wholeness. Well, ATP, or Adenosine Tri Phosphate as we all know, is basic in all life forms - meaning it's always present. It gives fuel for the cell. ATP is also present in photosynthesis as a formation from light energy. Then, ATP - the band, is actually a powerful compound in their own right too. Their music has crowded Japan's club and bar territories, gaining favorable spots on industrial and new wave charts all across the net and in heavy rotation on some radio stations around the globe. Again, like the ATP terminology, it created a pattern to the band as it presents a line-up of an energy-carrying group. Composed of Taata with vocals, Sugar with guitars/bass and Kazz and Kohei - drums and bass, respectively.

Their exclusively released-on-the-net CD, Deranged Angel, is a swirling bright halo on what they had attained so far. Testing the market and simply playing in accordance with their vision of promoting their own style and ideology in music. Their CD cover-sleeve was professionally done, well matched with the band's identity. Photography and printing poses for a non-indie CD style.

ATP's music isn't freaky, dark or eerie but it does threaten. It threatens and poses a gigantic leap of interest while playing its first few tracks. It doesn't even require a single, dedicated time to appreciate their music. Get on to work, get on with the lunch, keep on exercising and turn on your CD player and it will do the rest. Easy to like music. A bit into the Pop Kingdom, though it's not truly poppy, but it is delivered by catchy tunes and simple, less difficult melodies. Particularly ATP isn't a garbage sound or a rock-for-trash music.

Most of the songs are blessed with high ratings from this reviewer. Here We Are is an excellent rendition of the band's musical ability. Very arresting as it started its intro beats. For those who wanted to sit back, relax and cover up themselves into a blanket of soothing sensation - simply follow the beats of Here We Are. It was enhanced to become less mellowing and sorrowful by its LIVE version which is part of the bonus tracks.

The track Nowhere Girl is stabbing everyone with a country feel on its start-up rhythms. It would benefit them more if only the background notes as well as the screeching peeping guitar sounds be unified to present a more ordered pattern for the track. Just a little of retouch then it could "Go West." A blinding luster on the CD is Shining Color In My Palette. Its original, which is in Japanese, reaches a height of bounce and motion from the song - exhibiting a total creativity from this band.

Beyond My White Time carries the torch. Taata's vox here creates images of 80's new-wave vocals. Somehow it reminds me a bit of a Charlotte Church rendition of classics, though Taata's voice is not that high. Anyway, the beats show an invitation to snap your fingers, carry a lighter and wave it up in the air. Darker in its melancholic emotions and dreading in some way, you would feel it's crying. It thus created an appeal because of its difference with the style.

Armed with natural poise, natural style and a sweetened taste in rock music that would surely fuel up your souring senses. The totality of the CD gives applause to the energy, passion and situations that has driven these tracks into full reality. Though it's a bit pop-themed (pertaining to some familiar tunes and approaches), but the wholeness of it gives it a good remark of its promising attitude.

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