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Well hello kiddies. It seems I'm producing this issue a little behind schedule, but following some stressful, time consuming and outright shitty events within the sphere of personal and familial life which I do, contrary to popular belief, have has pushed me against a wall. Nonetheless I am determined to continue our monthly squirts of calamity and, even without sponsors this month I bring you the next edition of the great publication known as Legends Magazine. Why do I do it? Because I love you people, that's why.

So before we begin with this month's look into dark music, book reviews and the warped minds of our fiction creators, I must first bring your attention to the cover. Go ahead, flip a few pages back, and take another look. Breathe it in. Enjoy it. Caress it. Does this month's cover kick extensive amounts of ass or WHAT? You don't have to answer…I already know the answer. Just nod your head in agreement, kiddies.

This month we not only kick off our first issue with the new dragon logo, the future symbol of this fine ass kicking publication, but we also bring you our newest fiction master. Eric L. Busby brings us a cross between Blade, BatMan and Shadowrun with his horror fiction serial Disoriented. A four-part series that will unfold over the course of the next few months. And afterwards you'll see spin-offs that step back into this fantastic world as he brings us some stand-alone pieces that will appear thereafter.

After reading for the first time this series, I felt that it could not be given justice without original exclusive illustrations by Lee Alverson. Lee and I have been working together for…uh, hell, it's been years now. He started with providing illustrations for my own fantasy series, The Serpent's Inn, which is one that I began on the web (www.legendsmagazine.net/pan/serpent). From there I started using his work on other things related to my AD&D stuffs (yes, I am fully aware that I en-geek myself with that statement, but I care not). His work takes a graphic novel approach, so I thought it would work wonderfully with this new serial. This is Lee's first assignment directly related to Legends Magazine, though he has appeared on covers in the past.

Also of note this month is the return of writer Jeff Franzman, who hasn't appeared within Legends Magazine since issue number 82 with Lady Shard. That was back in December, 1998. Now he returns to us with Sarcasm's Passing this month, and in the future will be bringing us another sci-fi serial with a working title of Another Day (this title may change as we get closer to debut). This one will also be illustrated, this time by Surreal RAYn artist Zubrovka. To get a feel for the type of surrealism that this artist will bring to us in coming months, check out his gallery at RAYn - www.legendsmagazine.net/pan/rayn.

Mike and The Mean Little Man bring us our columnistic rampages of MP3: The Music Revolution and The Mean Little Column respectively. We have a triple-shot of Off The Shelf and one of my best-received essays as well this month. Sue Simpson encapsulates us in her latest horror tale, this time flipping around the old "never pick up a hitchhiker" adage, with A Fork In the Road. Shae also gives us a couple of poems this month. Poetry is something we haven't explored in a while, but I enjoyed these and I thought some of you might too.

As usual, we bring you some music coverage with full length reviews of work by a number of artists from America and abroad. Featured this month are the zombie rockers, Cult of the Psychic Fetus. I give them a run through some questions while Austin Govella takes a listen to their release of Orgy of the Dead. Additionally, you'll see a review of their follow-up release, She-Devil, in the future. Most of our review staff bops in the door with some thoughts on a number of other releases from such notables as Die Form, Glampire, ATP, Fiction 8 and The Strand, and even more. So I guess I'll leave you off on your own to ramble along with the latest. So cheerio and see you on the back page and within, my kiddies. And as always…

The Darker the Music…the Brighter the Mind!

Marcus Pan
March 29, 2001
(Translation: Hellishly behind schedule…)

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